Half-Marathon Prep: Sunny Sunday Run

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Six weeks to go until my half-marathon. My goal is to increase the length of my long runs by a mile a week for the next four weeks. Today was my scheduled 8-mile run, which I did in 85 minutes.

Weather conditions were great - sunny, clear skies, and warmer than last week, in the mid-30s. Even though I didn't get a lot of miles in over the workweek - maybe three on the treadmill?! - I felt stronger and smoother, especially on the back stretch. I have been working on strength and core training on alternate days at the gym, and maybe that is helping... especially working on my abs, upper and lower back, obliques and inner thighs, creating a stronger base. Also working on biceps, triceps, and chest - gotta look good come spring, right? emoticon

So I love running out on these back roads. The wheatfields are covered with snow which looks gorgeous glinting in the sunshine and set off against a blue sky. Only saw 4-5 cars over the whole run so I had the space all to myself. Easy to get into a good rhythm, clear the mind, and run centered.
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