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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Sunday Everyone!

The husband and I are planning on going snowshoeing today, so he's getting everything together, while I am bloggin..... yes, I kinda feel like a slacker, no I don't feel that bad about it.


So - I wanted to post a progress pic, because even though the scale hasn't changed that dramatically since New Years (down about 4 lbs) my body just feels different, but in a good way. So.... time to start at the beginning...

Here's ME - August 2009 - about 245lbs:

Here's Me, midway - I think somewhere in late 2010 - about 200lbs:

Here's Me, Yesterday - about 160lbs:

So - I'm feeling good - upbeat, and ready to go! My goal is still to get between 145-150lbs scale wise, and eat right, and have fun! I know we will get there.

Also - I've gotten about five messages in the last few days from Sparkers asking where my food tracking is. Because my phone reset, and the Sparkpeople App now costs money ($3.99) and I hate paying for apps, I went to myfitnesspal. I love Sparkpeople and I'll never leave, but its so much easier to track calories from my phone.... if you guys want to see what I'm eating, how I"m exercising, and whatnot - I'm alpinesallie on there. THat's where I'm tracking all that stuff from my phone, which is ULTRA convenient. I still LOVE sparkpeople and I love the community, but the tracking is just so easy.

So - Besides that, I think that covers my checkin in part of this blog. Life has been crazy, and we're getting ready for a work trip down to Vegas in a couple weeks, combined with endless work at the office, things are hectic, but I'm feeling really positive and good about it.

Happy Sunday!

How are you guys doing? How's your progress on this journey we're on?
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