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Dear Judi of the future...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dear Judith,

I know you don't like being called that but I am being formal, so get over it. I hope you are well and have enjoyed your life thus far. I hope you have gotten over all the problems that I am having now and you are doing well.

Well let's talk about this fitness thing that I am totally into now. I am looking into becoming a personal trainer. I want you to have fun in the later years. I want you to keep it going strong!! You are a superstar!! Once I get the money together life is going to be GRAND!!

Remember when I joined SparkPeople I was sort of wishy-washy and it took a while to see clearly but now I do and wow!! I used to think walking the pups was enough then I was working out at work and was pretty regular at it and there was noticeable changes. I got laid off and had a 2 year pity party. You know size 18 was bad enough but size 22 there are no words for that!!

It was early last year that the "SPARK" ignited and the rockets started firing!! It was funny how I started w/the 10 min in the morning, and then did 20 min. I got that jazzercise - Burlesque and had so much fun. It then was not enough, I started doing the FULL 45 min routine and OH BABY!! I was shaking my butt and loving it!!

I remembered that I had started using the BB Slim in 6 and started that again and it was so much fun and I wanted more so I went to Hip Hop Abs!!

How are you doing w/your eating? Are you taking it slow and not pigging out? Small portions and veggies are always a good thing. I am still working w/a learning curve call, me the slow kid. I don't like certain foods and have you developed a pallet for that stuff?

I've learned a few things and I hope you have not forgotten them. Mornings are the best.

I have learned that I am not a quitter and so watch out world!! I know I have problems learning to eat properly but I don't pig out like I used to. I go easy on the greasy!! I drink my water and for me that is a good thing.

Well Judi, ( I know you like that name better) I really hope you are pleased w/all the hard work I am going thru now. I hate cooking but will on occasion and I hope you are cooking more now. Oh yeah and I hope you are still making the kahlua cakes for your friends. It is fun to drink at work under the guise of a cake.

Take it easy and Remember what el Capitan would say, "Rev It High, Rev it Low, I am STRONG, COMMITTED, and ready to GO!!"
Also from Brett(el capitan)
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