Such a Little Big Thing

Saturday, January 19, 2013

At our house January and February are audition months. My daughter is a ballet student and in January and February schools from all over the United States fly auditioners out to big cities so the girls (and boys) can audition for summer programs. In the NW, Seattle is our big city.

For the last five years we make that drive multiple times for the auditions my daughter has chosen. While we're up there we do a lot of walking: to the ballet studio, back to the hotel, to the grocery store, to the restaurant, to downtown....

A couple of weeks ago we made our first trip of the year to Seattle. We stayed at the same hotel we always stay at, started our walk to the studio the way we always went and it didn't seem nearly as far as I remembered it being. Got my daughter all registered and went to go get tea. The coffee/tea shop is up hill a few blocks from the studio. As I walked I was surprised to see how close it seemed. It didn't dawn on me until I was standing there ordering that all the landmarks I remembered didn't get closer....I got FIT-er!

The next day when we walked to the Space Needle I was thrilled to feel so good! I was walking fast, enjoying the scenery and not out of breath or dying to get to our destination. I was just enjoying the journey.

It was such a little thing, just to be able to walk and enjoy it. But it was a big thing too. I had this year to compare to the last five years I have done that trip.
Wow! It was a great weekend with my daughter and I was so glad I could enjoy every minute of it- even all the walking!

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