The Perks of Healthy Eating & Exercise

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Other than the scale I've noticed other things this past week.

1) I have SOOO much energy!

I literally can't sit still. It is amazing! I used to sit on the couch in a comatose state,and
now I am lucky if I can sit for 45 mins.

2) Stabilized Mood

I've noticed that I have been waking up in a great mood every morning. My stress level
has decreased, and for the first time in a LONG time my Bi-Polar moods have been

3) I feel good!!

I have much more self-esteem and feel like I have control. Someone told me I looked
good yesterday, and I was finally able to say, "hell yeah I do" :)

4) Better Sleep

Since I am now being much more productive during the day, I'm actually tired at
normal bed time hours. No more staying up until 1 or 2am and only getting 5 hours of
sleep. I am having a good solid 7-8 hours nightly, and I am no longer so tired that I have
to nap during the day.

5) Exercise & Food Tracking

If I don't make it to the gym, I find myself craving it! I NEVER thought that I would be one
of " those" people!! I enjoy the time to myself, and I feel so accomplished when I am
done. Plus for me, it makes drinking water a lot easier!
I have also found that I find the Food Tracking aspect of Spark, FUN! I like knowing
exactly what I am putting in my mouth. (Even if it's a cheeseburger). It really makes you
think, and going grocery shopping is a new experience. I finally find myself looking at
labels and comparing items.

So really, when I think about it...all these other "perks" makes losing weight that much sweeter! I am a "new" me, and it's super exciting and inspiring. This is's really going to happen this time!!!

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