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I hate it, hate it, hate it.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I know my obesity is caused by high calories, bad fats, refined sugars, etc. But mostly lack of exercise as that has caused my metabolism to basically die. While watching HSN last night (they were selling a piece of exercise equipment at a great price) I thought about ordering it but stopped. They kept saying how FUN it was. Well, honestly, pain is not what I call fun.

When you are this out of shape or unfit, it only takes a few seconds before I start 'feeling the burn'. Even 5 minutes of this burning pain is not something I can easily deal with on a daily basis.

I have tried everything I can find and none of it is fun. Actually, none of it is even bearable. I don't know how people do it everyday. I just find it almost impossible to make myself do something everyday that I dislike so much I consider torture. Oh, I can make myself do anything for a while. But I need to do this everyday or almost everyday for the rest of my life. I lost 50 lbs in 2011 to gain it all back in 2012 mainly because I lack the muscle to burn calories. So to maintain, I have to keep watching every bite or else. It is hard enough to eat right. But exercise if my greatest challenge.

I guess I am a big wimp. I just wonder if there are others like me that have such a hard time with this issue.
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    Thanks to all who left comments and such great support. It is always helpful to not feel like you are the only one.... The pain I refer to is the burning muscle pain that starts as soon as you begin when you are as out of shape as I am.

    I have been focusing on this issue since the day I wrote this and picking up little ideas that I think will help me. While listening to a big time work out person talk about it, I got that he looked at working out like he does going to work everyday. Many or most days we may not feel like going to work but we do it because we feel we have to. We have a responsibility to get ourselves to work Mon thru Fri every week. So if I start looking at getting my workout in in the same light, I think that will help. Kind of an attitude adjustment.

    My son, a big workout guy, shared some things with me after I told him how I felt about exercise. He told me he felt the pain when he started working out. But if you push through the pain, endorphines kick in and you get this addicting 'high' feeling. This makes you want to exercise again and again or even crave the experience of working out.

    I want that!!! So I have started walking on my treadmill every morning first thing. This way I get that out of the way and have the whole day left and don't have to think about it. So far I am up to 25 minutes a day. the treadmill is not painful and I think it will build up my staminia so I can move on to harder things like an eliptical.

    I have done aqua arobics at a gym in the past and like that very much. I am going to join that gym again and add that into my plan. Thanks for memtioning that idea. It is a great one.

    I will not give up on this as I know exercise is the key to keeping the weight off. My son talks about how he can eat lots of things he normally would not if he did not workout everyday. That sounds like a great bonus once I get to goal.
    1922 days ago
    Oh yes, there are lots of us who feel like you do. I can't seem to even make myself get started on walking. I keep saying that I'm going to walk 4 time a week, but I haven't made it yet. I don't know why I'm blocking it so much.
    You said that it hurt to exercise and that you haven't found anything that you enjoyed. I liked the suggestion of finding a hobby to try to help you be more active. At least it would be something that you liked to do. It may lead to more physical activity which will lead to more calories burned- in a fun way.
    The hurt that you mentioned--- is it your knees or back? Have you tried pool exercises? Do you have anywhere near you that you could try it for a while? We have a community center, and they offer water aerobics. But just playing/bouncing around in the pool would burn calories as a place to start.
    It may be something for you to try. It wouldn't put stress on your joints, but it would elevate your heart rate.
    I also liked the suggestion of the SP videos. We can do anything for 3 minutes or 5 minutes, and then build on that.
    I wish you luck on finding something that you will enjoy. Once I do go for a walk, I enjoy listening to my music. It's the getting going that I'm having trouble with.
    1922 days ago
  • FIONNA39
    I know what you mean - I remember some years ago going to the gym and while the 'exercise' was hard and I think I coped well with being the fatest unfitest person there, I loved the feeling afterwards - the extra strength and energy and muscle 'awareness'. I can hardly remember what it feels like now - it seems a million miles away and i cant imagine being there again - actually 'liking' exercise. Hopefully the memory of how good it was will keep me trying to regain it.

    It's true what they say, you have to find an 'exercise' or 'activity' you like or you wont maintain it in the long run. Maybe look for more of a 'hobby' as opposed to an 'exercise' that gets you moving a bit?
    1922 days ago
    Glad you're not buying into the hype! Exercise is not fun. No piece of equipment is going to work magic.

    If there was an 'easy' fix, we'd all be fit! But the reality is, we've gotta work for what we want.

    Four months ago, I could not do anything without suffering for it. I couldn't even walk half a mile with my 83 year old neighbor!!!

    When I joined SparkPeople, I knew I'd never keep up with all the fitness addicts.
    But i decided I'd do something. Something was better than nothing.

    Luckily I found some of Coach Nichole's seated core routines on Sparkpeople's video list and did what I could.

    I could only do 2 or 3 minutes on my elliptical. But I did it.

    Instead of weights, I started with 2 pounds, for a couple minutes.

    And I kept on doing something every day. 3 minutes of something. before long it was 5 minutes of something. Then it was 10 minutes. Whatever I could do. And before too long, I was doing even more.

    I'm still doing the seated core routines because that's what i need to do.
    And it has made such a difference.

    I hope you can find something. Because it feels great to feel better.

    You can do it!

    1952 days ago
    You're right---it's hard. It's unfair. Some of us have to work harder--not just eat less but actually work harder. I lost 90 pounds and have gained back at least 40--(I am still afraid to weigh this year yet). I used to do 90 minutes of cardio a day--for almost two years. I was obsessed---I was exhausted---but I was thin. I managed to keep off most of the weight for three years but I slowed down after an injury-still tried to fight it--hired a personal trainer but couldn't lose--could only keep from gaining---then stopped altogether in August---and it's clear to me it's not just about limiting food---we have to sweat---it must be for good health and not weight loss and it has to happen nearly every day-----I'm with you it's hard! but I want so bad to feel like I did 40 pounds ago I am trying it again--I know it will be worth it
    1952 days ago

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    I just attended my 1st zumba class for Free! It was hard; but fun! Can't do the steps and felt real dumb. I am ole, out of shape, and was never a good dancer. But I will go back on Tues evening.

    See if there is a class in your area.... Ya might like it!!!
    1952 days ago
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