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Saturday Morning Musings

Saturday, January 19, 2013

This morning I stayed in bed for a full two hours later than I intended. I have no reason for that, except, perhaps, that my bed is actually comfortable. My room is comfortable. There, I said it. I might have a wee bit of seasonal affective disorder. Perhaps. I am not sure.

I saw something perfectly delightful this morning – I arose late enough that the morning sun was up and shining through my bathroom window. Did I notice that? Nope! But, I did notice the beautiful crisp lace shadows on the wall of the soaking tub faucet. Shiny faucet, crisp gray/white shadows. The lace is more beautiful when seen as dark/light shadows on the opposing wall. That light was STRONG!

I walked downstairs and saw the same thing through the family room lace, but the distinction was lost – perhaps because the opposing wall there was about 15 feet away from the window (as opposed to about 5 feet away in the bathroom). Nonetheless, the clear, clean sunshine was amazing. It makes me feel clear and clean.

I had a compliment the other day. Out of the blue, and completely unexpected. I was in court, as usual, and was wearing my black suit with a wool sweater, as usual. On this particular day, I was wearing my dark green wool sweater. I wore my gold rope chain. I wear that necklace every day. Well, unless I wear my knit suit and garnet necklace. I digress. Anyway, one of the defense attorneys told me that my necklace was beautiful and pointed at it. I thought: WHAT? I wear this necklace every day – and you see me virtually every day. Why today? Nonetheless, I thanked him. Then I looked down at my chest, and saw what he saw (I suppose). The gold and green really, really work well together. Extremely well.

Which brings me to this: I like green, but never found a green that I really like to wear. I am a burgundy and navy blue sort of person. So, yesterday, as I was resting, I pulled out that sweater and examined the green. I will have to take it to the fabric shop and see if there is any fabric that come close to it. Although I chose this sweater about six years ago, I just chose the green because it was better than the yellow and orange that this store had at the time.

So, I asked my youngest daughter (23) about this issue, i.e. green and gold. She looked at me like I was asking a weird question, and then said: “Yes. Gold is well set-off with certain greens and certain reds.” She is an artist, so of course, she would know this. Me? Musician and attorney. Nope.

So, now, I will hunt for sweaters (winter and summer) that set this beautiful gold necklace off nicely. It seems like such a simple thing. I am grateful that I have such a pretty gold rope necklace, and I expect to wear it virtually every day forever!

Speaking of which, I thank my husband, Gene, who has a really good eye for nice clothing, for this necklace. He always chose the fancy dresses for our girls when they were small. He cannot pick out curtains at all, but he chooses great clothing for us ladies! He is the one who chose and purchased this necklace for me – gosh, about 20 years ago!

This week we dismantled our fake Christmas tree. That, in and of itself, was not unusual. However, upon dismantling the tree, we saved the top piece (looks like a good small tree), and discarded (!) the rest of the tree. It had been shedding for some years, and we knew that it was getting old. We purchased it when we lived in Michigan, some 21 years ago. We were living in a townhouse and the management did not allow live Christmas trees. So, we had to purchase a fake tree. It cost something like $135. WOW. That was expensive!! I cried. Live Christmas trees cost about $20 at the time. So this year was the last year we could use it. I did not mind the thousands of needles on the floor – real trees do that! What I did mind, was that the wire ends of the branches were now poking me – as that was the part that had lost most of the needles – the ends of the branches. So, acting on faith that I will be able to afford a fairly nice fake tree, or purchase a cut tree, or actually do either one of those in 2013, I look all the branches out to the trash barrel and placed them there on the evening before the trash folks come by. They looked good there, all fluffy and green.

I am writing an inventory of our Christmas decorations. I am going to split them between our Ohio home and our Michigan retirement home. Making decisions as to which things will stay in Ohio and which things will go to Michigan is interesting. But that is roughly the same as making plans for retirement (6 years away) in a home that we already own, is really interesting. We already have the retirement home pretty well stocked with the essentials and a few niceties. We stocked the kitchen with ample hard goods, soft goods, and staples.

But Christmas decorations? Not yet. It is entirely possible that we will, with the cooperation of our daughters, spend a Christmas week up there pretty soon. And I love Christmas decorations. Lots of greenery, bells, ribbons, and such. Anyway, I am working on it. There are boxes everywhere. Speaking of boxes, I am downsizing the boxes to “medium” moving boxes from the “large” moving boxes. The problem with that is that some groupings of things work better in the large boxes. The good thing is that I will move smaller boxes into the basement this year.

And my food intake and calorie outgo were within range.

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    Loved your entire blog -- but have to comment on how well green and gold go together... any Packer fan could have told you that, no need to be an artist!

    1980 days ago
    you have such a gift for writing. love reading your blogs.
    1981 days ago
    I think your body had you 'sleep in' so it could work on recuperation. Glad you're feeling better.
    1981 days ago
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