Results of Fat fasting day 2

Saturday, January 19, 2013

48 hours is way long enough for me... I wanted to go through today and that is NOT happening... plus I've already lost a lot and hopefully this jolted my system past this plateau and into losing steadily again.

Here is my final weight as of this morning:

For the past several months my body refused to even get past 156.... I would get there and then immediately bounce back up 1-2 pounds. I wouldn't gain beyone that.... and I wouldn't loose beyone that. SO, hopefully my system got the shock it needed to get over itself. I am looking very very very much forward to a sausage ball this morning. YUM

I'm going to steady my system back into eating a really watch the carbs today and tomorrow keeping them as low as possible....

So, overall.... success for me if I can get this scale going down again!
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    Great way to shake some points. I'm playing catch up.
    1954 days ago

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    i glad it worked for you - me not so much - i have not eaten for as long as 70 hours recently getting ready for a medical procedure - i could only have clear liquids - mostly i had chicken broth low sodium - water - apple juice and ginger ale in moderation - i am up one pound after that.
    that has always been the way with me - weird huh?
    1954 days ago
    Great Job! Hope this will work long-term to keep your weight loss going. Don't worry if a pound comes back as your body regulates water. emoticon
    1954 days ago
    You did really well. I like the idea of a fat fast. Fats are my friend. You might be able to go longer if you increased your calories by a couple hundred (fat sources of course.) I have had a hard time with plateaus in the past myself. Kudos for trying something hard.
    1954 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1954 days ago
    Wow! I'm really glad this worked for you. It's hard to "keep the faith" if something that's so often recommended like this doesn't give you results. Great job, and I don't blame you for moving on!
    1954 days ago
    Congrats on busting your stall!

    I discovered that intermittent fasting (IF) is a useful tool, used intelligently. It makes good physiologic sense, too. For anyone unfamiliar with it - it doesn't mean you just quit eating! Instead, you drastically reduce your intake for a short period of time: some recommend a couple days, some say half a day is sufficient. I suspect the reality is whatever works for *your* body. The amount you reduce to is individual too, seemingly. Some go to just liquid (ie, water, tea), some eat their usual fare, just in drastically reduced amounts (such as 200-500 calories for the day if they're normally on a 1500-2000 kcal/day diet).

    In my case, because of other GI troubles, I have times when ANY food just sounds like a non-entity to my stomach. "Do NOT put that stuff down here!" On those days, I can't even get my meds down. Of, if I do, they don't stay (waste of money!). So, periodically my body tells me a fast is in order. Most times it's the greater part of a single day...very rarely it's a bit longer than that, but never up to 2 whole days. After that, I start being interested in some foods, and can go back slowly to my usual fare. This is no longer something I try to do intentionally. I let my body tell me it's time. When I get that message, I no longer try to outsmart my metabolism, thinking I "have to eat," because I don't!

    The websites I frequent are a combination of low-carb and paleo, and both of those lifestyles stress (strongly) the concept of listening to your body. It will tell you what it needs. It turns out that "knowing" it intellectually and following it are not the same! There are other days when all I want are veggies, or I don't want a single veggie, or I can't stand the thought of my usual drink but I can't get enough water... and I'm listening. And it's working.

    When I don't listen, I'm "punished," either by stalling or with GI distress. 't'ain't worth it folks! Learn to listen.

    And good for you, ALESHAWALKER, who has gotten that message already!
    1954 days ago
    Congrats! It is so difficult to get past plateaus.
    1954 days ago
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