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Call for help with obstacles and EXHAUSTION

Friday, January 18, 2013

Painfully exhausted.

It seems I'm going to need to create a step and a set of goals as a precursor to the ones I wrote on 1/15/13.

Yesterday I went to the specialist who treats allergies and asthma, and apparently my asthma (I'm new at understanding these things, so I'll request for the "Working Out With Asthma" Team!) had (?) a dangerous level of nitric oxide (I hope I'm spelling it right, because a little off is the difference in all sorts of gases). My number was 65. I would love to know how people work with this, what information there is about inflammation in the lungs, and how long it takes to get well.

I haven't been at being vegan more than a year yet, and since I started with low iron, B and D levels, and started with exhaustion, it's hard to know what's different. I do know that I end up pushing my body one day, often with not enough nutrients, and then am in bed the next day. And *some* days I'm in bed with hunger pains, but too tired to make food.

So I need to back up. I'm painfully tired. I'm weak. Easily four out of seven days are like this, while the other three I'm trying to reach mini-goals and moderate goals in terms of fitness and also getting out of the house (I'm VERY isolated). In there is a minimum average of 1-2 doctor app't's a week, which are discouraging. Getting together with others to, for example, hike (read: see people and experience nature) is a huge part of wellness for me.

But I'm tired. I'm weak.

Today, I've slept most of the day already and still, just the thought of walking outdoors in the sunlight (and cold temps) is enough to nearly make me cry.

I haven't lost a pound -- except vacillating water-weight -- since I re-started with Spark in December. I *have* been exercising, have been more fit, but am at a serious level of exhaustion.

I eat healthy, but I know I don't eat *enough*. Money? Yikes.

I would love help from the Vegan teams I'm on,
hiking-related teams....and anyone.....

and thyroid...


Seems this level of agitation, plus exhaustion, and HUNGER is when the meds are too high. My body often sleeps as a survival mechanism against the high heart-rate when the thyroid meds have things hyper. I'm not one of those people who lose weight while hyperthyroid.

And I really needed / need questions about asthma understood....

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    Kris~ I came back onto Spark (my intro talks about it) because my thyroid was ablated (radiated / killed / destroyed). It took at least 3 years to come close to the right medication and while down, I gained 100lbs.

    Also: as for depression, well yes, I suffered abuse from / by a therapist in recent history, so it's hard to go back, as well as hard to find someone who knows how to work with my special diagnosis emoticon

    I have a list of 60 people whom my insurance carrier covers, but I have no CLUE about their abilities, etc.

    You're right---lentils are cheap and are 'action-packed' emoticon

    ...as for other pieces of being vegan: I'm allergic to all dairy, so that's out anyway. I have IBS and a few other stomach issues, and my digestive system cannot tolerate most meats anyway.... just fish, really is possible, and I go off the wagon at times for that alone.
    1920 days ago
    I'm saying don't be vegan (I was vegan for over a year) but reading what I've just read makes me think that maybe veganism isn't best for your health right now.

    I am no expert, I am not telling you what to do but is your health more important to you than your diet?

    I'm not sure of your reasons to be vegan either but if it is because of animal rights, then consider yourself an animal for a minute - would you allow your pets or any animal to suffer nutritionally? If the answer is no then thats what you may be doing to yourself right now.

    I suggest you consider some vegetarian options and see if it makes a difference to your health. Think about it this way - if you get yourself back on track and healthy again, there is no reason you can't go back to veganism again. I know a lot of people who have suffered health wise because of veganism, myself included. I made a tough choice, but I know it was for the best.
    1920 days ago
    Because you are a vegan and also because you have other health issues, including IBS, I strongly suggest that you ask your Dr for a referral to a Dietitian to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet, covering all your bases with iron, B12, protein etc. etc. A lot of people don't do this and suffer the consequences, but unfortunately don't realize why and don't seek help.

    Another thing that h as crossed my mind is this; with the health issues you are facing, and giving what I read into your blog (rightly or wrongly) it sounds like you could be suffering from depression. This is NOT uncommon when our body is out of whack. Ask your Dr for a referral to a Therapist to help you find the tools and lean how to use them properly, to help you get through all of this. There are ways and means of accessing this type of help (and medication) for free or dirt cheap, if you can't afford it. Your Dr can let you know some of them, but if you want to know more, message me and I will send you the various links.

    This could be part the reason why you have no energy and are sleeping a lot. (also, Thyroid problems can do this too, as well as other issues.)

    Vitamin D can be provided in a prescribed supplement (then you know that it is a therapeutic strength, but which OTC supplements aren't always.) Also, getting some walks out in the daylight can help a lot with the Vitamin D and also a side effect is increasing your energy level.

    You NEED to eat enough! There are loads of ways that you can do that in an affordable healthy way. Lentils are often toted, and with good reason! They are very healthy for us and very cheap. BUT your Dietitian will be able to give you loads of ideas.

    Good luck,

    1920 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/18/2013 5:37:40 PM
    I'm consistently taking the iron, B and D and I've been struggling like this for....(whatseemslike) ever.

    I have my thyroid meds correct (we think) finally, and I still struggle with the painful exhaustion that I've felt throughout this 5-year-struggle.

    1920 days ago
  • SUE5007
    I know women who have to take VItamin B pills or else they just can't function. I know one who gets it as an injection. What can you do about your iron, B and D levels? I would definitely start there. Your body needs fuel and if you're eating right and you're still low then your body is not going to want to give up the fat. It's trial and error to see what works for you. But being that tired is no fun!
    You're on the right track. Don't give up on healthy habits even if that means you have to back off on your intensity during workouts. Keep eating well, stay moving, keep a positive attitude. You will figure this out and your body will adjust and start feeling better.
    1920 days ago
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