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Friday, January 18, 2013

With all the accomplishments in my back pocket, there are still trials.
I have been at a plateau for so long now that I am again finding myself frustrated.

I exercise.
I even changed up and intensified my workouts.

I eat right 80% or more of the time.
I am trying to 'eat more' in case I wasn't even eating 'enough'.

I drink my water.

So today I joined Spark Coach to see if the experts can help me tweak what I need to tweak.
Of course so many of you are 'expert's too.

So my question for you if you can and are willing, what would your advice to me be?

Hugs and love, along with many thanks.
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    I totally understand your frustration. I have been in this plateau for over a year now. With the lapband it can be a challenge to eat enough just to get the basic caloric needs. Now add exercise to the demand and now you need to eat even more. You might want to add an extra protein shake to your day to help up the both the calories and protein. We just have to be patient which I have little of because I usually have to start dealing with all the emotions that I have ignored by using food to self medicate. This is a journey my friend and it will never be over. Getting healthy, loosing weight, and getting to some "goal" is not a box to be checked. This needs to be a life style. You're not going to stop exercising because to get to that "goal" number. You're not going to start going to McDonald's everyday either. One day at a time and sometimes its one minute at a time, but you can do it because you are worth it!
    1941 days ago
  • KLOE23
    Sounds like you are doing everything right....your body will respond to all these positive changes when it is ready even though it is so incredibly frustrating for you know. Keep up the great job and you will see your successes in no time!

    1943 days ago
  • BREW99
    I'm sure after a bit of time things will come around and you will see more weight loss. Sometimes it's our mental state that doesn't allow us to lose more weight and feel healthier.
    1946 days ago
  • PJC19671
    Angela where we had lapband surgery and lost so much weight I was told by the lapband doctor that eventually I would need a tummy tuck and lately I have been thinking about it because I have been at a plateau for so long too. But, I heard the pain and recovery time is really bad and I dont know if I could handle it. I am a big baby when it comes to pain but, I know that it's an option. Im right with you girl and I know how you are feeling. Now I have to talk myself into that tummy tuck and find an awesome surgeon. Hope you break your plateau soon.
    1947 days ago
    Did you know that stress does not let us lose weight? Also lack of sleep will stop it.

    Relax and take a nap... You are doing fine. When God gives you lemons drink lemonade.

    Worry less, Enjoy more. hugs and love. emoticon
    1947 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Life happens! This shall pass! Things have a way of working themselves out. You have done a tremendous job!
    1948 days ago
    You know Ang, as I read all these wonderful responses, I have one more thing to ponder.

    Why is it that , when we take action, we always expect results? Why can't we just be satisfied that we are doing the right thing? Check it off our "To Do" list and move on.

    Guess I have to go back to my Mantra.

    This is not a Race.... It's our LIFE!

    1948 days ago
  • JUDITH316
    Just want to encourage you and cheer you on your journey, good job, I love your before and after pictures, you are looking fantastic, keep up the great work! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1948 days ago
    I meant to respond sooner. While I am no expert or a professional in the field, what I do think is that our bodies sometimes just have to take a break before they can move on. I've pretty much been in the same range since the end of November, but then I realized that I am literally 1 pound away from my goal, and maybe, just maybe my body doesn't care if the scale displays a number that is not the same as our goal. Maybe our bodies know better!

    I love looking at your "before" and "after" pictures -- I can REALLY tell the difference! Remember we've been fighting this battle for so long it's possible we've forgotten what it is to have a truce!

    Hang in there, and like I said, just go look at your pictures and celebrate just how far you have come Angela!
    1948 days ago
    I know it's tough but don't give up! I hope Spark Coach is the answer!
    1949 days ago
    here is my theory: ________________!! Dont have one LOL!

    Although you still want to lose some weight my question are 1. Are you now at a healthy weight and BMI?? 2. What does your doctor say?

    I would ask the advice of your doctor ....

    Best wishes always to you!! You are so inspiring to others.
    1949 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    Looks like lots of great advice! Hope you find something that does the trick!
    1950 days ago
    The advice you have been getting about eating something high calorie, i'm still skeptical, but I'll tell you what happened to me. I lost 0 lbs for about a month then the next month only 2 lbs. My husband kept bugging me to eat an ice cream cone. I kept telling him no. He said the last time I ate ice cream I started losing weight again. So to get him to hush and prove him wrong, I ate an ice cream cone. Now 2 weeks later i've lost 8 lbs. Maybe my DH is on to something or maybe coincidence. I don't know and I don't like to give advice that could potentially go against a persons weight loss. I'm thinking sometimes we have to do things to shock our bodies to smack the stubbornness out of it. Also eliminating bad stress ( did you know that there is good stress and bad stress?), and getting enough rest is a must.

    1951 days ago
    Asking for help from the pros on Spark is a great step! Hope they can give you new advice.

    You did everything so far to break the plateau that I would have done but some times your body says....I lost enough I want a chance to maintain before I lose more...Have faith as long as you are increasing your exercise as your muscles strengthen and you are eating within your calorie range not going below it ....the weight will start dropping again....Patience is a virtue and your body needs it...

    To achieve your best is more then a number...find the peace that comes with living a healthy life...That is your success don't allow the scale to dictate how you feel!

    Remember we are female so water weight retention and other issues involved too that could be causing the plateau.

    Hope this helps...Hugs
    1951 days ago
  • ELLIE381
    You are doing a great job. emoticon emoticon
    1951 days ago
    Uh-huh, I can only second almost all responses here, Love! (except for the surgery one = left field , imo, however well-meant!)

    What Pookie says about blasting your metabolism by increasing caloric intake for a day or so echoes what my wonderful health team and also gym coach taught me in '09. It revs up weight loss to 'shock' your body chem responses with something major to reset their bottom line against. Each time it was suggested to me, I did it, and within a week the plateau gave way to good slow, steady progress again.

    The other two fab reco's from SP pals that I can vouch for personally are these: 1.) remember that strong muscle weighs considerably more than fat, so go by inches rather than pounds. 2). Changing up a workout dramatically for a short time also jolts your system into renewed action.

    The MOST important advice you've been getting is clear as day -- patiently relax, on purpose. Stress and worry throw the body into conservation mode and make a plateau even more stubborn. Blow it off, work it off, eat it off, and the logjam will give way to gentle progress as you wish ... PATIENCE and calm are so powerful with this.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1951 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/19/2013 12:02:44 AM
    Hard as it is, relax. I just got over a month long plateau and I know that's SO much easier said than done. When your body is ready to move numbers, it will. Just keep doing what you're doing and look at it as no gain is a good thing too!

    1951 days ago
    I used to think the "muscle weighs more than fat" line was a load of bull. Until I didn't lose weight for more than a year. I ate well, exercised like a fiend and lost 2 sizes in that time. Somewhere in the middle of that, we bought a fancy scale the measures body fat percentage and body water percentage. It helps me a lot when I gain 5 pounds every month! I can see the percentage of body water increasing every day. It also helps when the scale won't budge but the body fat is going down.
    1951 days ago
    Erin hit it on the head..... RELAX! But how can you do that you say, when you are working out like a fiend 5 days a week, eating right and dealing with your sugars! I know it is extremely frustrating to not see the scale move for so long. And it has been a long plateau.... you and I know!
    SparkCoach is a good move. A fresh perspective from outside your hamster wheel of weight loss emoticon (just pretend that's a hamster ok?)

    And listen to Erin.... she's very wise.

    xoxoxo Marg
    1951 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    been there so many times....
    patience is always needed....
    you can do this...
    believe you can and you will
    blessings and hugs.......lita

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1951 days ago
    How about plastic surgery to take off the last 5 lbs????
    1951 days ago
    I completely understand what you are saying! I am where you are too. I've added in a lot more cardio and am doing ST too. I hope that Spark Coach can help you out. Let us know what they tell you.

    1951 days ago
    You just have to be patient. I now it's frustrating, but we have to remember it's a lifestyle change and not a diet. It will happen. You can do this!
    1952 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    You are doing exactly what you need to do for you. Trust in your choices and know they will help you. Sometimes, we need to step back and look at the whole picture and perhaps the coaches will help you do that.
    My best for you and know you are OK and will be Ok too sweetie. Relax and enjoy your journey.
    1952 days ago
    Keep on keeping on, sistah!
    1952 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    Changing things up with Spark Coach may be just what you need to get things moving again. Plateaus are so frustrating!
    emoticon emoticon
    1952 days ago
    I hope you find what works for you. I joined a challenge for the next 12 weeks that adds strength training. I think that is going to be key to my plateau. I love cardio but slack in the ST department.
    1952 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    Have you been consistently "good"??

    Sometimes our bodies become complacent with the lower calories and a BAM huge calorie day wakes it up and go back to normal the next day and it may helped.

    I know it helped me when I had been eating at low calorie for months, pretyt much no cheating and I got stuck.
    1952 days ago
    You have lost a lot of weight and did a great job. All I know is that as you lose weight you have to eat even less and exercise more. I remember this from Weight Watchers and I thought there has to be a better way. I have been stuck with my current weight since I quit riding my bike outside. I was biking harder and going further everyday. Then I started to do walking DVD's inside and have really slowed down my weight loss. Good luck to you.
    1952 days ago
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