Celebrating The Small Things

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Usually I buy the melons and such that need to be cut up before eating and think I'll do it when I want it - never happens, they go bad cause later never come. Also when I go to the bulk store I tend to buy lots of good things, then toss the bags in the cupboard where they then get torn and leave the contents on the shelves = food tossed in the garbage again. Bottom line money and good food wasted.

So this week I made 2 of my weekly goals - 1. Eat 2 salads a day. I struggle with this as I'm not big on salad to begin with.
And 2. When I get home don't procrastinate - cut up/repackage the foods that need to be. Also part of this was stay away from the junk food isles.

To celebrate making these goals I decided to splurge on a new water bottle. I finally got one that's double insulated so I can keep my water ice ice cold longer which makes it easier for me to drink the whole 17 oz.

I've never celebrated the small accomplishments, they were always attached to the weight. This time I'm going to celebrate the small goals as well as bigger ones.

One of the other goals I made was not having/giving in to potato chips for two weeks. Week one is done and I'm not even craving them. When a snack attack hits I grab sunflower or pumpkin seeds, or I have mini/baby carrots in the fridge to grab. Having the go to snacks is so important when fighting off those hard to fight junk snacks.

This time, it truly feels like a different path I am on then all my other previous journeys.
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