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Friday, January 18, 2013

This apparently is my WW journey. I have faithfully been on track with going to the meetings each week, planning out my menu and sticking to it for the most part and tracking everything I eat. I have been staying within my points range and I have been exercising 4-5x per week...
Several thoughts about why the weight just won't drop...
1. Maybe my body is just waiting for me to fail. I have started and stopped so many times over the past 30+ years that maybe it is just in rut and doesn't believe that I will stick with this.
2. Maybe I need to drop the carbs... however, I have done that in the past and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. So I think I need to bump up the freggies and decrease but not drop the carbs.
3. Realize that planning works to a point. Very frustrating today... I knew I was going to go to Panera Bread after my WW meeting today. So I took the time to look up a good points food and found one that I was really looking forward to... and just my luck, they didn't have it. I picked another soup that looked "points friendly" and after eating it and looking up the points I choked. The soup I had picked out was 8 pts... the one I ended up eating was 17!! ugh ugh ugh. I have decided that I just need to stay away from Panera. There is nothing points friendly there except plain salads... and I just have to be in the mood for one of those. Last week I ate the spinach salad and again was shocked to find out it was 12 pts!
I just need to plan on packing my lunch and eating it at my meeting or back at work.
4. I have been exercising much more than before I was back on program. Maybe my muscles are getting stronger and the fat cells are shrinking. I just wish the scale would budge a little.
5. I am 6 weeks into my program... this week I had lots of food cravings and gave in to eating them... Weds was buttery popcorn and Thurs was homemade chocolate candies... I don't want to quit and I don't want to get frustrated... anyone able to throw some thoughts my way? and and all advise is welcome :)

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  • SYN-CA
    SouthBeach Baby! It's all about the carbs! A tip is to never eat white bread/ flour, etc, unless it is a special occasion. When you've been on low carb for a week or two, east what you like one day--tells your body that you are not starving, then go right back to your low carb plan!

    As we age, our bodies just naturally slow down, so we need less of everything, especially carbs.

    Good luck, Jean,and keep up the good fight! You' ll find your way! xxoo
    1954 days ago
  • SCRAP317
    Sounds like a lot of great advice from these ladies Jean. The only thing I would add is pre-make your lunches at home and breakfast too if you are in a rush. On the weekends I make soup or some hot dish that is low carb for my week of lunches. And I make the egg cups or quiche for my breakfasts. Both are measured out and all I have to do is grab one of each and a piece of fruit as I walk out the door. Otherwise I eat too much of what I should not have because I am winging it. And I also agree with the carb talk - stick to whole grains and limit those. It's amazing how many carbs we consume when we don't track them. Remember our lazy bodies won't burn stored fat if they have enough ingested energy (carbs/sugar) to use first. Make it tap the reserve tank! Good luck!
    1955 days ago
    Why are you eating fast food at all? Panera seems like an especially bad option if you are serious about losing weight.

    For me, the sweet spot with carbs is around 100 G/day--not extreme in an Atkins kind of way, but lower than the 150 G/day that Sparkpeople recommends. Most of my carbs come from whole grains, fruit and dairy products--very few white/processed carbs.
    1955 days ago
    I sent you a Sparkmail
    1955 days ago
    one thing that has helped me later in life is I have found that If I DO NOT eat ENOUGH protein then the craving monster takes over. If you track your food here on SP , then it will keep up the protein count for you and I must have at least 60g and do better with 65 or more a day. It makes such a big difference for me at least .... I was SHOCKED! I am so much more content with my diet !
    try it and see..... what have you got to lose...??
    1955 days ago
    I do have to watch my carbs. Some experts say that many women my age can maintain on 150gms a day of carbs but have to get down to 100gms a day to lose and that has seemed the case for me.
    1955 days ago
    Well my first bit of advice is buy the weight watchers eating out book. It's $10, which sucks, but unless you want to look up everything online (my phone takes forever when I am out and about) then it is an invaluable tool.
    I am trying to not eat as much carbs too. Since they changed their system, they started to count carbs, which is a good thing for people like me who could eat crap all day on the old plan and still lose weight.
    I am also not using up any points that I gain by activity. I am trying not to use up my flex points every week either. I will use some, but I don't want to use all 49 all the time.
    Also, they warn about eating too much "free" fruit. If it is over the reccommended daily intake, you should be counting them as points! Have you been doing that?
    Hope this helps!!
    1955 days ago
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