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Push That Tush - Complacency

Friday, January 18, 2013

The dictionary defines COMPLACENCY as a state of
Self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.

This happens to me when I lose a several pounds and
start easing up on my effort.....It’s a mental thing.
It slips me into a self-induced plateau and
I’ve got no one to blame it on but myself.
The danger with complacency in my weight loss struggle is
how EASY it is to stay in that frame of mind, because let’s face it,
it’s a long journey to where I want to be.
It’s like driving this old car up a steep hill, stalling out, and
putting the car in neutral.
I get a false sense of security because my foot is on the brake,
but if I ease up on that brake pedal even the slightest bit…
I immediately start rolling backwards { aka. A binge…}
and the car starts sliding back down faster and faster, until
I hit that emergency brake pedal and put it in park.

And you know how hard it is to get an old car restarted;
Sometimes it’s just a matter of trying to start it up a few times
Until it kicks in.
Sometimes life stressors make this engine too cold or too damp to start right away, and I need to let it warm up a little.
Sometimes you need to get a jumpstart from a buddy,
Or get a brand new battery {…try a different plan of action…}.

I definitely need that tune up { Spark People Total Body Sculpting DVD }
An oil change { drink that water }
Some premium fuel { give me those veggies and lean protein }
And some Spark Plugs { thanks for my spark buddies who encourage me }.
I’ve got lots of dents, my paint has rust spots, and my tires need a little air…
But as long as my engine starts working fine again
I’m good to go.

I'm building that MOTIVATION to work harder again,
Your comments always feel like a jumpstart to me.
Thanks for the push.
I'm reving my engine.

Have a great weekend emoticon
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