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As I'm writing my Consignment book...I have to add the qualification of...resident psychologist!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

emoticon One never knew that one would need a 'bed side manner' in the consignment biz...but YES...you actually do.

We have well over 5,000 consignees that bring in their furniture, home accessories, antiques, and anything else that catches my eye that I think is 'sales' worthy.

It's definitely a people biz...and I'm learning that patience...really IS an art! I hear every long winded story there is about the history of the piece, why it got purchased in the first place, and why it is going away at this particular point in time.

Oh boy... emoticon the 'my MIL got me this...and I HATE it' stories, the...that SOB left me and I'm getting rid of all HIS stuff...the...we just got married and I LOVE this...but my new wife HATES it and is making me get rid of it because it doesn't go with anything in the house!

Yep...those are the stories my friends. And that brings me to this fabulous horse painting.

It falls under the last explanation and I gotta tell you I feel for the poor little guy that brought it in. He comes in every week just to gaze at it's glory. Ya gotta feel for a guy that makes weekly visitations don't ya?

And being a pure bonifide horse lover myself...I can relate.

Remember I was the kid in 4th grade that tied a hanky to my tail and ran around the playground like a crazed nut pretending to be a horse...neighing..no less.

No wonder I was kind of a loner. emoticon Being an only child I had no siblings to tell me that I was a mess! I LIVED for horses, had every single little porcelain piece I could muster up the allowance to buy. I sat outside with my best friend writing horse stories at our picnic table. Oh...wow...the yarns we spun!

I was NEVER going to get married, just live on a gigantic horse farm with my BFF raising Arabian stallions. "Dark Tornado Tempest"...it took me a month to come up with that fabulous name for my main character horse...he was my dream horse.

So yep...I relate to this poor little schmoo...I wanted to tell him the fun is just beginning...but I think he actually might start crying if he's informed of this reality. He's already brought in his famed movie posters...The Black Lagoon, Wolfman, and one other I can't think of.

Yep...it's curtains for this guy on the home decor front. He's a realtor...he should know this right? I mean he shows houses to couples for a living! What's the percentage of guys with home decor opinions. Okay..I know they are out there...but how many times do they win?

Out of our vast social group of 25..there might be 1 guy...and all we women think he's weird anyhow! emoticon

Soooo when my 'newly anointed' little husband guy came in last week and lamented that his consignment contract was almost up...he said that he and the new Missus had redecorated the house a little and he was going to take a picture of the horses..just in case...in case she might let him have the gig lee back if it doesn't sell. He said he'd let me know. I told him that the Missus had visited the consignment gallery bringing in a few other pics and that she was pretty emphatic at that point that the horses weren't coming back to the O-K corral. AND that I had a few other people that were eyeballing the oil and that of course I was in the biz of sales, not the biz of storage so that certain...ahem...very sweet people could have 'their horse and view it too" emoticon Aha...funny...SO early...and BEFORE my first sip of coffee too! emoticon emoticon

Sooo poor guy...yesterday one of the horse loving, high rolling customers (this print is pricy) came in and said that she was 99% sure she was going to buy the print for her horse loving DIL.

Now WHY can't I...have a MIL like that? One that has taste, doesn't mind spending $$ when something is worth what it's worth...has actually taken the time to find out your likes and dislikes...and is sweet?

Maybe on the next karma roll. emoticon This one hasn't 'got it' in the past 35 years of marriage and as they say...'you can't teach an ole dog.....' you get it.

Anyhow my little MIL customer....with taste AND $$ is coming in today to shell out the big bucks to load these horses up. She's getting a FINE deal. The original Taos artist John Farnsworth sold this gig lee to our poor little realtor guy for over $1,800 dollars. We have it in the gallery for $699. It's signed and numbered...tell me you can't find fine art in the most unexpected places.

Oh boy...I feel bad for the little guy...I really, really do. But am I going to display, dust, pay rent and advertise a big butt picture for the last almost 90 days and give it back just because I feel sorry for the guy...and he'd probably go through torture I'm actually saving him from if he brought it back to the house in the first place?

Nope...I don't feel THAT bad...I'll just go buy a couple boxes of keen-nex and call it a day.

...But truly...I DO feel for the guy...I was going to buy the pic myself..it's WORTH every penny and I LOVE horses...LOVE em..but then I thought every time I looked at it I'd see his sad dejected little frowny face and that would take away most of the joy...I just couldn't bring myself to do that.

I'll try to remember to snap a shot before it's off to it's new home...and geeze oh Pete..it's going to be a HARD day when I have to tell him it sold. I'm hoping his wife put the ka~bash on it coming back so SHE can be the bad guy not me! emoticon emoticon

Told ya...a resident psychologist in training is what I is... emoticon emoticon

Doing GREAT with my FitBit...down 6 lbs..yip! emoticon

As promised here's that gorgeous horse picture...truly awesome!
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    emoticon Who knew you had to have a degree in psychology to own a consignment shop?! Sorry the little Realtor guy and that his new wife had to be so hard nosed about the painting. You'd think she could have found some place to put it.

    emoticon on the weight loss! Pfft, me I might as well just gorge myself. I've gained weight despite exercising 80 - 100 minutes a day 6 days a week and eating 1200 calories!! I'm not giving up yet though. Just not a happy camper...

    emoticon emoticon
    1948 days ago
    You are making the right decision to sell the painting. That is what you do. I do feel sorry for the man but I think his plan was going nowhere. Congrats on the 6 less-of-you, The fitbit is such a great investment.
    1950 days ago
    emoticon Wow I really enjoyed your story! Thank you
    1951 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    get off the horse...you've lost 6 pounds...woo hooo emoticon
    1951 days ago
    You're in the right business, girlfriend! You certainly could write a great book.

    1951 days ago
    I work at my friend's women's consignment shop and I know where you're coming from with being a resident psychologist. I had a man come in the store the other day with real mental issues.
    I calmly listened to him, had him sit down on the love seat, and asked him if he would like me to call 911 since he was going on and on about this and that place and not getting his meds. He said he felt suicidal and was hungry. At this point, I felt awful because I already ate my plain cheese sandwich.
    Anyway, he did not want me to call 911. I told him I would call our local police department and we would take care of him. He was quite comforted and when he left with the patrol officer he offered me 50 cents. I said Oh, no thank you. I then felt like an angel was present.

    When retelling this story to friends, they asked: Weren't you scared? I said, not at all.
    1951 days ago
    I can't wait to read your book! You tell the best stories!
    people and their stuff...man !
    1951 days ago
    Down SIX pounds!!!!! GREAT for you! The horse story was ok, BUT you are DOWN SIX pounds! You made it a little PS....

    You are a wonderful woman! I love you! Happy writting your book! If I ever need advise on ANYTHING! I ask you! You are SO SMART!!

    *~LIGHT emoticon
    1951 days ago
    Very enjoyable!! Be sure and skip coffee first thing tomorrow, too, so you can "horse around" a little more for us! Loved it!

    ...and congrats on the 6 lbs... emoticon
    1951 days ago
    Great story... we have a few "treasures" my DH has kept... they are in "display" in his shop lol.


    1951 days ago
    John Farnsworth sure is worth more then 699 LOL

    You made me chuckle much...thanks..LOL

    I feel sorry for the poor guy too.

    I am the type I'de let him keep it because I love him...LOL...but that's just me. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1951 days ago
    I absolutely love horses and horse pictures. I would feel sorry for him too. I'm a little weird but I don't really care about the 'decorating scheme" if it's things I love around me. So sad he couldn't keep it. But it sounds like the pic is going to a good home and business is business. Anytime you deal with the public you have to have a little bit of a counselor or psychologist in you!
    1951 days ago
    I understand his sorrow. Think the wife would let him have it somewhere. Oh well, he choose her.
    I can't imagine them beig a couple like you down the road.
    p.s. mine was a snow white stallion and even my bike was my horse!
    1951 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/18/2013 11:26:38 AM
  • DR1939
    One would think he could have a study where his treasures are kept.
    1951 days ago
    How sad for the little guy..and some wives can be such ogres...she should have given him his own room to put his horse picture in..my husband and I decorate together and it may not look like Home and Garden's but it fits us...I let him have his hunting things and he lets me have my antiques..I was sad when I had to relegate my antique sofa to the shop apartment (used only for guests) but at least I still have it.
    1951 days ago
    I was waiting to see pic of horse at the end. Great blog as usual. emoticon
    1952 days ago
    1952 days ago
    I do not love horses, but I love this post!!
    1952 days ago
    LOVE horses too. Mine just died last year. I had her boarded at a friends.

    emoticon on the loss.
    1952 days ago
    Interesting blog! Thanks for sharing!
    1952 days ago
    Love this blog.....I will be looking alot differently at my local consignment store owner now! Plus I know now what to bring into a consignment store.....

    1952 days ago
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