Still excited about this new year

Friday, January 18, 2013

Well, my motivation and excitement about having a healthy and positive new year has not waned. Although this week was rainy and cold I have been getting a lot of strength training in.

I feel lighter and my clothes fit more loosely. I have incorporated healthy new changes that I feel I can sustain.

I am excited by my son's growing independence (he'll be driving independently soon) and that allows me more time and therefore more balance in my life.

Through my Fitbit, I have learned that it is ok to walk if I don't feel like running-I still get credit.

It is ok to do a strength training video if its rainy outside. Every little bit helps. A 20 minute work out video is better than doing nothing.

If I am still hungry at the end of the day when I have reached my calorie limit I eat something. I am not going to sustain this by starving myself.

I take time to write in my happy blog everyday. It reminds me of the good stuff. I don't dwell on the not so good stuff. It helps me to realize there is more good stuff than bad stuff.

I have tracked my calories everyday for 17 days. That is an awesome streak and a powerful tool. Probably more powerful than anything because you can't change want you don't acknowledge (per Dr. Phil) and by getting it down you know when you really should eat a little more or a little less. And it really isn't that hard. The search engine on Spark is very easy, very powerful and just about any food pops up. Love it.

This is going to be a GREAT YEAR. I feel like everything in my life is coming together and I am very blessed and very happy.
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