Simple Diet Journal #36 -- BeFit 90 Day One and Walk/Jog 5k

Thursday, January 17, 2013

How I love Spark!!! I'm always learning about new things that are positive and helpful and health-building!

Really loving my workout plans for BLC21. Completed 3 days of Walk/Jog 5k (and a variant with Run Your Butt Off). I'm really liking it. Today at the gym another woman was jogging next to me. I don't usually "compete" with others at the gym -- but I did find her very motivational. She ran for 30 minutes straight at a 5.0 pace. Having her right there next to me really gave me a vision for the future -- and helped me complete the jogging portions of the workout with a new ease. She has no idea of this, of course. But, what a gift this stranger's presence proved to be today.

Also started BeFit 90 -- it's a free 90-day workout series on youtube. Takes about 30-35 minutes to do 4 segments. Learned about it from ZOEANAEL -- and decided to check it out. Was unsure at first if it's something I can do and stick with my Run a 5K program. But, now that I completed day one -- I think it'll be a good fit and not too much. It does include rest days -- which will also help in being able to do both and not feeling like I'm overdoing things.

Still in love with Kale -- enjoyed a big bunch of freshly-baked Kale Chips this afternoon. Yum!

Smiles for you today!

Health, Peace, and Living Fully No Matter What . . .
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