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2013.01.17: "Thanks for the treatment, Shaggy."

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wednesday redux, Thursday weather, etc.


It snowed today!

I have the evidence ... the proof ... somewhere. On my phone. Photos and videos. Now as the sun goes down sunlight reflects and glistens off other buildings and shimmers through our dripping and dewy office window.

When it's in the 40s the snow can't hold. But snow itself was not exactly Ms. S.'s fear this afternoon, but that the power would go out, and this being Alabama that it would stay out for several days. Her fears were not unwarranted; I lived here through the 2011 tornado and went without power for days, and even when I left town for a week or so to stay with her two statates away, upon my return we still had no internet service.

It's a state that doesn't exactly believe in infrastructure. It's a university that two years ago shut down at the merest threat of snow and ice. It's students who wrap their cars around power and light poles because they've never driven on ice. And it's also little kids home from school at 3pm chasing each other around and throwing snowballs because ... they've never had the chance before.

So Ms. S's fearest weren't exactly unwarranted, but her anxiety that we would lose power for days on end and that there would be a run on all the local stores and we would be out of water and anything already cooked to eat -- remember, no electricity for cooking! -- was, I felt, a bit extreme. Still, I'd already planned on going to the store to replenish my supply of eggs and get us some fresh vegetables. She wanted me to buy bread; I compromised and offered to bake some.

Which I should do. Soon.

And I suggested that if we lost power we could always pull out the grill -- and we have charcoal and lighter fluid -- and cook that way.

It was fun indulging the fantasy. But the truth is that it's in the mid-40s now, it will drop to near but not quite freezing tonight, and for the next several days it will be sunny and in the 50s. No storms and no power outages.


Last night upon Ms. S.'s return we finished the evening with "Belonging," a season 2 episode of 'Dollhouse' and Jonathan Frakes' sole credit on the series (director). This pleased Ms. S. The story itself is also very good. It's mostly Sierra, Victor, and Topher. It's a powerful but cornered DeWitt and a can-do Boyd. There's no Paul Ballard and rather little Echo. In short: it's full of the strong actors. Who wouldn't watch a show that was Victor-centric?

But it's also a tough and rough episode, one that like some of the other better ones looks not only at the consequences of the Dollhouse as an institution but also at the obvious despite-best-intentions abuses that would occur. It takes the metaphors -- that is, an answer to 'what are the dolls?' -- seriously and frighteninly literarally. It gives the lie to the recruitment brochure telling you how the Dollhouse *isn't like that* and how it helps people.

Adelle DeWitt: "The cold reality is that everyone here was chosen because their morals had been compromised in some way. Everyone except you, Topher. You were chosen because you had no morals. You had always thought of people as playthings. This is not a judgement. You always take good care of your toys."

What I also love, besides the 'gravitas' (air/scare quotes for the overuse of that term) of the episode, is the sharpness and delivery of some of the 'banter.' It's a raw episode, not one about pulling punches. And so in the end it's satisfying, and an unironic, not terribly meta (see in contrast: "Epitaph One" ... also good, mind you) episode.

Adelle DeWitt: "I'd no sooner let you near another one of our actives than I'd let a mad dog near a child."
Nolan Kinnard: "What did you say?"
Adelle DeWitt: "You're a rapist scumbag just one tick short of a murderer. I've forgotten, do you take sugar with your tea?"


This evening we may get to the conclusion to our 'X-Files' two-parter, the follow-up to "Piper Maru," "Apocrypha".

When I went to bed last night Ms. S. stayed up a few hours, rewatched an episode of 'Sherlock' (introduction to Moriarty ... perhaps good preparation for Moriarty on 'Elementary'), and then took in about half of "Pleasantville" (1998). The connection to things recently watched might be Joan Allen, who was in "The Bourne Supremancy" (see also: our Karl Urban marathon). I've always wanted to watch it. We'll probably finish it together.

Tonight: time to bake a potato and prepare that bread!
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