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Fainting = not ok

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just to start of, no, I did not faint again. But yes, I essentially did faint again. I fainted while being conscious.

I hate fainting, I really do. Although it's been a few months since the last time, I could tell it was going to happen. My tunnel vision came back a few weeks ago and today I was standing with my grandmother at a store and realized "wow, my stomach hurts, I must be hungry!" But then it didn't go away. A minute or so later, tunnel vision. But you don't get tunnel vision when just standing still (ok, you aren't suppose to have tunnel vision to begin with). That's when I knew I was going to faint. I looked around, saw a couch to sit on, barely made it, sat down, and bent over. I couldn't hear, couldn't see, couldn't move, just sat there. Got really hot/sweaty and pale, felt my heart racing, felt my breathing quicken, and just continued to sit there and attempted to drink water. After a few minutes, it passed. But let me tell you, fainting is actually BETTER than having to sit through that. That was horrible, feeling like the world was going to end. Fainting means that everything I sat through happens while I'm unconscious and then when I come to, I just have to deal with looking pale and feeling a racing heart and rapid breathing for a few minutes.

But the after effects are the same. I'm NOT going to be able to ST today, nor am I going to get in my cardio. It'll just take to much effort. Ugh. At least I'm barely eating, so that works out (not intentionally, but I've been eating salads for almost every meal, so I think it works out). I'm just exhausted. Who knew fainting took so much out of you!
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