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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weight : 247lbs

This is the beginning of the Biggest Loser Challenge (Round 21) on SP, and I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things. I let the back side of me get the better part of the rest of me lately. For those catching up, I'm dealing with some spinal issues, so my exercise routine got turned upside down. No weights, no running, walking and light lifting. I'm aiming to lose 5-6lbs this round, just because I'm being conservative. If I get more, that's gravy, but I need to get a routine down that works first.

I'm going to aim for 4 improvements.

1.) Track EVERYTHING (Meals, Water, Exercise)
2.) Participate in all the challenges
3.) Engage Daily
4.) Stay Positive

The big focus for me this round is getting back to basics and tracking. It's day 2 and I'm doing okay tracking breakfast and lunch, but dinner fell short yesterday. It's hard to remember the next day, and I forgot to track it after dinner. I got distracted playing with the little guy.

This is a revised piece I put on my teams discussion board as it sums up everything pretty good.

I feel like it's evening, and it's only 2pm... been up for 11ish hours now.

Liam woke up and was in a uber-snuggly-fidgety-cranky-to
-give-him-scotch-to-knock-him-out kind of way. Would not go to sleep without one of us keeping him anchored.

Liz tried her best for an hour an a half, but eventually gave in and brought him into bed, where I took over. After a couple diaper changes, two bottles of juice/milk, some Motrin, and some little tummies, the little guy finally calmed down enough that he pretty much collapsed on my shoulders. But as soon as I tried to put him back in his bed---*WHAMMO*--- eyes wide open, throat engaged, you-are-murdering-me fit. Generally I don't pick him up immediately, I usually just hang next to his bed/crib and let him hold on to me or rest his head on my shoulder.

After a while, I gave in, picked him up and we snuggled into the guest bed, where he passed out and slept fitfully. I was just getting to sleep when the alarm went off. I told Liz to take Liam and make it a rest day for the two of them, and went to work.

Long story a little shorter - She took boogerhead to the doctor, and he has another double ear infection. I guess they are more common than I thought. Doctor's office rushed him through since it wasn't flu like and they didn't want him contaminated...

So mommy and boy got to nap this morning, and I'm trying to remember what I ate for breakfast... Looking around my desk it seems I had some Asian Green Salad (Sesame and Seaweed) for lunch... Oh and I had Fage Strawberry Goji yogurt and a Bagel for breakfast with 3 cups of coffee and 96 oz of water...

I did break down and buy a soda that I wasn't planning on buying, but I just can't figure out how to get through the rest of this afternoon without causing an accident.

Anyway... I'm as loopy as a rattlesnake on a wagon wheel and as sleepy as a Saturday night drunk at Sunday church.

Liam is doing awesome sans the ear infection incident that flared up last night. He's a massive flirt, is really digging slides, dry erase boards, and reading anatomy and physiology books with his babysitter...

And playing in Mud

And I can't forget eating Chick-fil-a Honey mustard dipped Apples.

He and I play with blocks all the time trying to see if he can build a tower higher faster than I can reinforce it not to collapse. Also, he just had his 2 year checkup and is a whopping 23lbs and 32inches. That puts him somewhere under the 3rd percentile for both... hence little man... progress wise his curve is good, and doc says to expect a growth spurt to happen before the next checkup.

Hope everyone has a great week, and I'll try and at least update this blog again every week. If not, kick me in the butt and remind me to do so 'kay?

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