Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Fiancée calls me a hoarder...he does it half jokingly half seriously.

I suppose I am a hoarder but I am not the type that you see on those shows on TV...not yet anyways.

I generally know where everything is and try to confine it to one room and every once in a while go through and try to purge...whether that means throw-out, sell or donate.

Hoarders don't generally want to get rid of anything. I do. The problem is that I like to sell things, so while I am willing to part with an item I will list it on kijiji and it may take a while before someone actually comes to take that item off my hands. If an item stays on kijiji for a while with no takers I will donate it - I donate regularly when CP or diabetes come for pick-up.

I also have a habit of going to thrift stores and picking up antiques that I can sell for more than I paid for them, so that means bringing more into the house, listing it and waiting for a that stuff takes up space.

Right now I can barely walk into the room that I call my studio - because I am an artist and I paint as well- so I am not able to do any painting and while I know where everything is it is hard to get to.

I need to take some time and go through everything and try to get rid of some stuff before it overflows into the next room!

Perhaps one day I should open up an antique store...problem is I don't know enough about all that stuff. I know that I can tell the age of a sewing pattern by the date on the side of the envelops but dining ware and wood working are not likely dated!

I do enjoy going out and buying things doing research and selling items for more than I bought them for...I have been doing this for longer than they have had those shows on TV where the guys go and buy storage lockers or call themselves pickers...maybe I could make a living at this???

Would be nice to quit my day job and work for myself.

In the meantime I should really clean up my room and focus more on selling what I have before going out and adding to it.

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  • ZENXB!
    You are exactly like my mom and my sister. I used to LOVE to help my mom clean out her "collection rooms" room when it got bad. Like... can't open the door, bad. Could take days, but it was fun. Then... after a while I was not able to help anymore. I was not attached to anything so I would do the "4 second" rule. I would hold 1 single item up, and give them 4 seconds to to tell me why it is in the house. What is the purpose of it. They were not allowed to use the words "I may", "I think" or "I'm gonna" :) If they did not have an answer and they did not use it in a year, it was toast! As you can imagine... I am no longer allowed to clean their "collection rooms" anymore.

    PS - Donation is a GREAT thing. You will get a good feeling when you let others appreciate the items you appreciate.
    1951 days ago
    Wow, lots of interesting stuff your other commenter made. I know myself, that it is a slippery slope to start by collecting things and thinking of selling them later. My Dad does that and I have to say, there is lots in his yard that he isn't willing to sell. Even broken things he can fix, but never gets to it.

    Clean out your room. Donate and be done. Get back to what you enjoy.


    Have a good weekend.
    1952 days ago
    As a former storage resident manager, don't bother. 99% of the crap in those storage units are crap, and you have to buy the whole unit, and then you're responsible for sorting through and getting rid of what you don't want at your expense.

    I'm what you call a "baby hoarder" - I explain it like we're those people you see on hoarders, before it got really bad and they started losing their house.

    I HAVE lost rooms before. Took days to get one room cleaned. Right now, we've been slowly but surely beating back the mess. I've cleared out my dining room (it was buried in about 3 feet of junk) and replaced it with my desk. I don't have an attachment to much, but I can often sense those unhealthy thought patterns when I'm cleaning: "Oh, there that is! I need to hold on to that, I could find a use for it."

    Then I have to shake my head and go, "Wait, that's something I haven't used in years. Chunk it."

    It's a fine line to walk, and be careful about rationalizing why you do things. My rule now is, I bring nothing in the house without first getting rid of two things to replace it. There's a point where when you try to sell everything, you end up selling little, and the cost of labor, lost space and productivity outweighs the potential benefit of selling it.

    I understand all too well! Once you've lost space and can no longer use things, it is becoming a major problem, a problem left untreated that can explode with very little effort. With my mom, it was the death of my dad... once he died, she just gave up.

    So take care! I do understand, exactly what you're talking about. I still have piles, and there's a hug mess in my bedroom, and we have far too many clothes than we can store or wear, but because we're poor, I have a hard time getting rid of them, because it's tough to replace them.

    But I've had to get brutal... it's either get rid of it, or have no house to live in!
    1952 days ago
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