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I am seriously thinking of going to see a counselor / therapist / whatever you want to call it!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I need some recommendations . . . . I am seriously thinking of going to see a counselor / therapist / whatever you want to call it!

I am currently on depression meds, (Cymbalta) that my regular MD has prescribed. I just don't think they are doing the trick.

What do you look for in a counselor / therapist / whatever you want to call it? I know that some of them are not able to prescribe meds, not that I think or want to take any more than I already do, but if I need them to get me over this hump, I need to do what is needed!

If you want more insight on why I feel this way, read my last blog, www.sparkpeople.c
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    I would suggest a psychiatrist to get you on the right meds then you can go to your GP and he can fill them once you are stable (that is what I have done for 20 yrs now), Psychiatrists are too expensive and you get more emotion from your GP!! emoticon emoticon
    1943 days ago
    Sometimes your meds need tweaking, or maybe something needs to be added to your current regimen or maybe you've not been on them long enough for them to take effect? A combination of meds and a counsellor can be a great way to help through your difficult time. I would start with your family doctor to talk about how you feel the meds are not really doing it for you and to ask for a referral to a counsellor.
    Good luck and take care!

    1943 days ago
    When looking for a therapist or counselor, don't get frustrated and give up. It can be hard to find the right fit, but keep looking until you find someone who clicks with you. Often a team of people is the best fit of all. Some of the different types of people who can form a team to help you include: a doctor to prescribe meds, a counselor/therapist to talk with, a counselor/therapist to teach you behavior modification techniques, a stress management consultant to help you learn to let go and even help with relationships, an alternative health practitioner to help lessen the side effects of the meds or help you relax, a support group, a church group or church clergy.

    I'm so sorry you suffering from depression. I know it can look dark sometimes. But remember that tomorrow things are always different. And keep looking for the help you need! emoticon
    1943 days ago
    hi love.sorry i canĀ“t offer you advice on this but i can say that counciling is worth a shot.who knows it might be just what you are looking for.let us know how you get on. emoticon
    1947 days ago
    I like Jillian Micheals book 'Unlimited' It has helped me with understanding some of my own head stuff. I do recommend finding a good therapist. Many graduate programs have a reduced fee graduate student (who is supervised by a doctor) who is finishing their doctorate program as a clinical therapist. You might look at your local university for an inexpensive source.
    1947 days ago
    I tried it on my own, don't want to take meds. I finally called a therapist and I think it's the best decision I ever made. I enjoy talking to someone who wants ME to be happy.

    This person will listen to you, works to help you find your problems, triggers, whatever. Their job is to help you find out why you got you to where you are and to help you get a grip.

    Notice all the "you" words? It's all about you getting better.

    Friends, relatives and co-workers have their own self-interest in your well-being based on their needs. The only thing a therapist needs from you is compensation for time.

    Some people try it for a few times with one, don't make a connection and then try someone else.That is perfectly acceptble.

    Good luck.
    1947 days ago
    I agree with WAIKATOKAT - everyone has made great suggestions. I wish you the best of luck finding the perfect fit for you. emoticon
    1948 days ago
    I have just got back from my holiday and was catching up on blogs when I read this and your last one. So sorry you are going through this tough time but I'm glad you've decided to take action and get help. Everyone has given you great suggestions on where to start and I don't feel like I need to add anything but just wanted to say that I'm thinking about you and am wishing you all the best for now and the future.
    1948 days ago
    I have still been thinking about you and my friend, who works in the health care field, gave me this link to help you find more on the mental health care you need.
    It may give you more information for the care you need right now. I hope you find the person you need to talk to and will be feeling better soon!
    1948 days ago
    Yes! Go to a therapist. It was one of the best things I ever did for myself when I was going through a divorce and feeling bad about myself.
    I found my therapist with a recommendation from my church. I am sure your doctor or possibly a friend may be willing to give you the information. Then try out the person to see if you are a good fit. It is very important that you feel comfortable with this person. For me, I wanted a female therapist because I felt she would be more able to understand my feelings and I wanted to talk about personal things from a female point of view.
    Don't give up! You are a worthwhile person. Sometimes things go wrong in our lives, but you are on the right road. You are starting to correct those things that are wrong in your world. Don't let other people judge you and don't judge yourself so harshly. Look ahead five years and see where you want to be at that time and then set a plan in motion to get there. A therapist sounds like a good way to start and so does being on spark people. That starts you on two of the paths you will be wanting to follow, the ones towards mental and physical health.
    1948 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    I am SO glad you are taking this step.

    I don't know why there is such a stigma to getting mental health care, nobody would care if you saw a Dr to fix your foot, so why should your brain be any different!

    I found seeing a counsellor a really great experience and a lot of help.

    I cannot offer advice as you are not in my country, but I want to applaud your decisions and hope you find what you are after.
    1948 days ago
    I've been seeing a counselor for a long time. Our appointments spread out and and sometimes they get closer. Sometimes, I feel like my dr. is a bff I pay for...but we throw out the f-bomb on many occasions and just really let it out.

    I got mine recommended by a friend...which is how I'd know I'd love her.

    1949 days ago
    emoticon I agree with the advice of asking your MD and going from there. Your medication may need tweaking or maybe just talking with a professional who can guide you and give you some insight will help!

    We are here for you! Everyone needs help now and again! I think it would help you a lot to have a professional to talk to.
    1949 days ago
    Start with asking your doctor. You may be able to Google some therapists to get info on their education and background. If there are a few, I'd schedule meetings of about 15 minutes with each - sort of a meet and greet. A therapist can only help you if you connect and are open with them, so doing a little "research" to find out who you feel best being around could be very useful.

    There is nothing bad or wrong about finding someone to assist you on your way. Heck - isn't that what SPARK and our teams come down to? Sometimes our own emotions and our bad habits and our own inability to see what we're doing to ourselves gets in the way of moving forward. Then you need someone to help you get out of your own way. Sounds like that may be precisely where you are and seeing somebody who can get you free of that is not a bad thing.

    I hope you can find somebody who truly suits you.

    1949 days ago
    First of all, trust your instincts. Just because someone has a degree or even if they have been practicing a long time does not mean they are right for you. I agree that belief systems are important. For example, I liked my counselor a lot because we had the same political beliefs, which provides a framework for a lot of my actions. She was also a very strong independent type of person. I'm also a strong, independent woman and there are struggles that come with that. Just by virtue of her own experience, she was able to relate to me and offer ideas on how to overcome some of my obstacles. I would start by asking friends or family if they know of anyone. I found mine through a friend.
    1949 days ago
    emoticon AS a mental health professional, AND someone who has seen a therapist, here is my advice:
    1) You can usually talk with a therapist or a staff on the phone PRIOR to scheduling to ask some questions. If you have strong religious beliefs, find out if the therapist is open to your beliefs. Belief systems nearly ALWAYS impact your mood/recovery, so having someone who respects your beliefs is imperative.
    2) If you are considering the need for someone to talk with, then you likely NEED someone to talk with. I don't think it's ever a BAD idea.
    3) Keep your expectations realistic. A therapist/counselor (difference is just difference in certifications) aren't going to have all the answers. But they should be able to help you work through your emotional junk (we all have it) and find some clarity.
    4) Make sure you have good natural supports in friends, family, online supports, church, etc.

    1949 days ago
    I think the same as others, that you could go through your MD and get a referral to a good one in your area. One who is very reputable. I'm feeling for you so much and I hope that you go that route real soon! There's absolutely no shame in going to a psychiatrist! There an MD for the mind, just like there's and MD for our general maladies and there's specialists for other specific parts of our body!

    Lots of emoticon to you,

    1949 days ago
    I've been seeing a psychiatrist since 2005. I got my referral from a friend who was seeing a counselor and he told her who he thought the best psychiatrist was in my area. I have great anxiety and some depression. The first visit we spent time going over everything. My past family history and my present problems. I was placed on medication that has helped immensely. I go to see him about every 6 months for review. I'm happy I took this step. I was at the end of my rope.
    I hope you seek medical help and find the answers you need.
    1949 days ago
    I don't see anything wrong with talking to someone. I went to one Last April. It helped me through a really hard time. I went to one that was covered through my husbands insurance. I enjoyed talking to someone that didn't judge me. I am not sure how to go about finding one.

    If you need to talk you have my phone number. I am available in the evenings and on weekends. emoticon
    1949 days ago

    I am so sorry that you are going through this. But I do think you are on the right path of finding some help. Seeing a counselor does not have to be shameful and they can really help you out. I have been to one and think it has been the greatest thing I could have done for myself. Finding one can be tough but they have a lot of resources out there. I found mine through my friend's church. I like it because we actually meet at the church and it is almost spiritual for me as well.

    I do hope you can find one and get to see that person right away. I just read your last blog and my heart breaks for you my spark friend. You need to see how great you really are and how much potential you have. Please let me know if you need anything. Even if it is just an ear for listening.
    1949 days ago
    You may need to try several meds before you find one that works for you.

    1949 days ago
    You may want to ask for a referral to psychiatrist. They are MD's. They can prescribe meds and, if they think there is something medically wrong, they can refer you. Ask your GP.
    1949 days ago
    Everyone connects with others in a different way. My suggestion is to browse through some of therapists in your area and see if any stand out or draw you towards them. Make an appointment (usually the first is free) and sit down to talk to them and go with your gut feeling.

    It's possible that your medicine isn't helping you the way it needs to. Have you taken any vitamins or looked at your diet? A lot of people can fix things by what they eat...but some can't and it never hurts to try. Another suggestion is that you find a good book to read - something that can raise your attitude and make you feel better about yourself.

    You are definitely not obnoxiously overweight but you have to find comfort in your own skin. Try doing a journal writing down all of your blessings. Or you can visit a soup kitchen where those who are less-fortunate are and maybe that will help you to appreciate what you have.

    As far as finances go, I recommend Dave Ramsey. He's a bit radical but has some very uplifting shows that spark your attitude and help people plan and get to a better future. He has a radio program as well as a online site.

    You have lots of friends here on SP that care about you and would like to see you find a way out of this rut. There are many people who are struggling and need help...glad you weren't afraid to ask.
    1949 days ago
    Ask for information about who is a good counselor/therapist from friends. I have done that (many years ago) when I needed help. I asked friends who went through counseling when they were dealing with emotional upheaval from divorce and friends who were depressed. I asked friends who work for the County mental health Department who they though was good. I asked RNs who work in the ER which psych doctors were good. Good luck getting the help you need. emoticon
    1949 days ago
    I know I may not be any help with this but I agree with emoticon
    1949 days ago
    I agree with CAKEMAKERMOM - your doctor is a great place to start. He/she knows you and would have an idea of who/what you need. I think seeing a counsellor is an excellent idea. Wishing you all the best with it.
    1949 days ago
    I don't have anyone to recommend, but can you get your doctor to give you a referral or see what your health insurance (if you have any) will cover? Perhaps that would be a good place to start.

    I hope you find the help you need! emoticon
    1949 days ago
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