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I am back - Finally!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wow! Not a good wow either :( My last fall has really taken a terrible toll on me in all aspects of my life. Pain consumed me 24/7. I just could not get a grip on it and was almost non functional in all areas of my life. There was not 1 position that helped, not sitting, laying, standing etc. I took all my meds, tried everything my Drs suggested and I just could not escape the pain.

Being in pain at that high of a level (which was very high) for days on end had a result of depression of sorts. I cried - I yelled - I was quiet & I prayed a LOT!

I really can't explain it beyond what I have tried to in this blog.

My fall jolted/moved all my damaged areas in my spine around. It caused swelling around nerves and other areas. Picture someone taking my spine in their hands and shaking it really hard, that pretty much sums up what the fall did to my spine. I don't appear to have any NEW damage though :)

Suffice it to say I was a MESS! :(

The pain is a tad better - enough that I can put sentences together again any ways. So I am going to make a great attempt to do damage control to my groups here that I am a team leader at over the next few days.
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