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Thursday, January 17, 2013

So yesterday I went to the Field Museum for my birthday with some friends. We had a BLAST, and got lots of walking in besides :) I tracked about 3 hours, tho it might be closer to 4, I'm not sure! :D Then I met up with hubby for dinner. I had a birthday coupon for Bennigans, and I did really well! I had soup and a grilled chicken wrap. I was pretty full after my soup (baked potato - YUM!) So I actually only ate a couple bites of my wrap and took the rest home for lunch today :) I did have desert -but I split it with hubby. All in all, not too bad for dinner. I listened to my body, and ate well.

Lunch yesterday was McD's at the museum. Got my Fish & fries, and only 1 glass of soda, instead of 3 like in times past. :) I'm pleased that I've managed to listen to my body, to eat decently (if not perfectly) and as of the last appointment, I'd gained a couple pounds. The doc was happy with all accounts, and said baby was looking good emoticon

I'm excited! After this week I will OFFICALLY be in the third trimester already! I've kept my goals pretty well so far; I've been exercising consistantly, a little at a time, and I'm well on goal to reach my 1,200 minutes this month. So far I'm at 859 minutes, and we're only halfway through. :) Hooray!

Today I've had my breakfast, I have my lunch packed, (not quite hungry yet) had my soy, and I'm doing pretty good listening to me and baby. :) Baby's been a bit more active today. Maybe he likes my music! I'm jamming to Led Zeppelin at the moment. Tho I'm also up earlier today than I normally am, so that might be why he's more active :) Anyway, it's fun to feel him kick and wiggle :)

I'm seeing my neurologist today so I get to show off pictures of my munchkin :D That'll be fun :)

Hopefully we'll get things the rest of the way under control. The soy isn't part of the "official" treatment plan, even though it really helps. It amazes me how many things I do help the epilepsy that aren't prescribed by the doctor. Just goes to show you that you really do know your body best :)

Anyway, have an awesome day all!
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