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Good day today =)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

So today started out a little rough. Nothing to bad. I just woke up late, realized that the dishes I needed to make my egg buns and my salad were all dirty and I had forgotten to run the dishwasher last night.

So breakfast ended up being 2 fried eggs and coffee. Tomorrow I'll definitely make the buns. It was satisfying, but now my calorie count is down for the day. Not sure how far off from the goal it can be before the whole "starvation mode" bit, but for today I'm just under 1000. Tried figuring out what I can add that wont add fat because that's right at the limit, but can't really.

The fat content will be my problem with any diet. I simply can't AFFORD to buy everything in the low fat version. I'm on a limited fixed income, and it makes a big difference. Low fat cheese is at least a dollar more than regular, and egg beaters... or egg whites? Yeah right.. sorry but not spending 6 bucks on a carton of the sh*t when I can get a dozen eggs for under 2. If I could afford it I would because I know it's better in the long run. Oh well.. just another thing to add to the list of things I'm going to start doing when I'm working and making decent money. Taste wise, I don't mind low fat. I'll even do fat free in some cases. But it just sucks that everything costs so much more. Even hamburger. I know it's recommended to use the 93% lean kind. Can't afford it. I get the 85 and I drain it well, but eh... such is life.

On the other hand I'm learning a new skill and so far Im doing well. I'm MEASURING my food! Woohooo go me. Mainly because I need the amounts for the tracker, but it's still good. Sometimes I don't specifically measure. like a small handful of cheese, I just call 1/4 cup. Same thing with my salad dressing. I sort of measure the mock honey mustard because I spoon it onto my salad, but I don't use a specific measuring spoon. But I did measure my salad =) So far that's the only thing needed it though haha.

Oh oh oh and I learned to eat and like grilled chicken on my salad, instead of the breaded kind. I got the tyson frozen grilled chicken breasts... boy was that good. It actually had a slightly smokey cooked on a bbq grill flavor.

Tonight for dinner I'm having some frozen (gortons I think) tilapia with spinach and zucchini. Since this is phase one south beach now, I can't have rice, potatoes, pasta or bread. So for sides I'm just going to double up on the veggies.

Not a huge veggie fan. I like spinach, zucchini and brocoli. I like roasted or sauteed mushrooms onions and peppers too but I used all those on that other diet lol. Luckily I don't get sick of any of that. But really I don't. I can eat spinach or zucchini every day. Broccoli not everyday but ever couple. Eggplant I like if it's in a casserole. Spagetti squash is ok. But I get tired of it quickly. I like other veggies but they're not on the plan, at least not this part of it.

But its ok, I'm already feeling happier than I was towards the end of Doc Oz. Clearly I can't EVER be a vegetarian. EVER. And I feel lighter. I don't know how or why. I don't know how it all works but I'm thinking that everything on Doc Oz was HEAVY. Oatmeal, beans beans and more beans. Carbs up the ying yang. No clue if it was bloat or what.. I just feel better. Lighter, happier, more optimistic. So weird.

Been working on adding more of my favorite SB Friendly recipes. So here's a link to my collection. I have plenty more to add so keep checking back =)
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    I like some of the recipes from south beach. You could visit the south beach team for access to eating "on the beach" ideas. I like to eat beans myself. Some experts recommend half a cup a day. They are good scattered on a salad.
    1977 days ago
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