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What I've learned so far... Tips, Lessons 2013

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hey guys,

I'm taking some time to briefly write down what I've learn so far this year and what I think will help me reach my goals. This may be helpful to you, but it may not. Either way, I am going to try to document my journey so I can have a set of guidelines to follow.

1. I have got to MAKE time to eat healthy. For me, this includes going to the grocery store at least once a week. I don't like grocery shopping and I work so much I generally grab food to go at least 4-5x/week. I choose healthier foods sometimes but still.
-Solution: Pick a day for grocery shopping. Make a list of foods I can eat regularly, memorize the list and get a routine going.
- Once a week sit down and think of a "menu"
- I cook really well, I just am so busy in residency that I may have to Batch cook twice a week and add side items on the in between days

2. If I have healthy foods, I WILL EAT THEM. If given a choice I always eat healthier foods like fruit/veggies. For instance if I am at a breakfast and there are fried things, donuts, bagels, fruits, eggs, etc. I will likely eat the fruit and lighter items. But, if I'm home and nothing is available I will go to the fastfood joint and get something quick.
- when I go grocery shopping, buy healthy foods.
- have them available, so the choice is easier

3. I love working out. This has always been the case. I will try to workout 3 mornings a week so I can get extra energy and feel "accomplished" before the day starts. I workout pretty much every day, sick or not. I take breaks when I need to but try to stay active.
- I am wearing a Fitbit pedometer to push myself on the days I don't want to do an official workout.
- This is a strength of mine. :)

4. I have GOT to get sleep at night. About once a week I have to work a full 24 hour shift. That means I get no sleep. That is non-negotiable. But, on the other nights I can go to bed at a decent time and then I'll feel well rested and can get up and exercise.

5. If I plan my meals ahead of time AND pack a lunch, I will better be able to control my diet. I have a hard time sticking to my meal plans. I do not have an issue with OVEREATING , I very rarely eat more than half of my meal especially if I go out. But I recently learned in November/Dec that I have several hormonal issues that are going to make it more difficult for me to lose weight. Therefore, I can't keep eating how I used to AND I need to be proactive about it.

6. Before I eat, I have to think. I do not want to go through this year working on my goals EVERY DAY and never get there. So while I can return to eating foods that are not entirely healthy as a treat or occasionally, I do need to limit these things now. I used to be addicted to french fries, I am not anymore. But, I do not have to eat french fries EVERY time I get a craving... I know what they taste like. They will taste the same. And, if I am planning my meals and I really want them I can put them in the meal plan for the next day.

7. I need to eat every 3-4 hours. When I did this consistently last time I tried to lose weight, it worked! I felt better. My body gets hungry on schedule anyway so I may as well do what it wants. :)

8. Drink water. I don't enjoy sodas juices etc. I have them occasionally but always opt for the lower/diet version. I usually stick to water. Working on drinking unsweet tea and coffee with less sugar.

I may keep my sugared coffee in the morning and use splenda if I drink another cup later in the day.

OK, that's all I have so far. I am working on losing the next 5 lbs. :) Hope you all are doing well. Have you learned anything new that works for you?
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