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Having Integrity with Yourself

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I want to write this blog at the beginning of this challenge because after many rounds I have seen some patterns emerge among a minority that are very limiting to those that follow them. This blog is not a condemnation of anyone. It is designed to help anyone reading look to see if they are short-changing themselves so they can make a correction. This blog was not written about any one person. It's just a composition of many things I have seen over the past years.

The word integrity has it's origins in the Latin language. It comes from that math word INTEGER which we all remember is a WHOLE number with no fractional part! I have seen people say:

"Integrity is measured by what you do when no one is looking."

Some dictionaries list it as "incorruptible" and "sound".

My question for you today is do you have integrity with yourself? Do you treat yourself with fairness and honesty?

Let's look a little closer.

Do you play fair? Do you weigh and measure your food or do you just glob a bunch of mashed potatoes on the plate and eat another spoonful from the serving spoon?

Do you measure out a serving size of M&M's but eat 3 more from the bag before putting it away?

Do you eat those leftover french fries or chicken nuggets from your child's meal and not track them?

Do you write down 30 minutes of cardio when you spent the first 5 minutes at the gym combing your hair and talking to someone in the locker room?

Do you look up all the values for whole bread and take the lowest calorie one instead of the one that is closest in gram weight to what you ate?

Do you weigh in with a .4 pound gain on the scale and say "maintain" figuring you can "fix" it next week?

Do you see the problem with this? You are not tricking some "DIET LEADER" you are shortchanging yourself!

It is not easy to face our own shortcomings but most of us that have become obese have them. The key is to recognize them and change! Long before you will have success on the scale in any sustainable way you must FIRST have success with your own mental attitudes. You must have INTEGRITY WITH SELF.

Once you are on a "sound footing" you can honestly evaluate where you are and how you got there. You can then make a plan for change. The only person you are cheating is yourself. Have integrity. YOU are worth it!

Press On!

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