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You strong enough to be beautiful?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The music tonight, or this too early morn, as it were, is Marillion again. Just got through listening to Cannibal Surf Babe, off their 1996 masterpiece, "Afraid of Sunlight", and it's on to one my faves of theirs, "Beautiful". It's just a heart-achingly gorgeous song, and it's hitting me tonight how incredibly relevant it is to our journey.


The first couple verses get right to the point -- we do inhabit a world/culture where material things seem prized above all else, and things of intrinsic value are given short shrift. And not just things, people get shunted aside, whether it's through our own insecurities, arising from a lack of confidence in our prospects, or our appearance, or for other reasons.

--Everybody knows we live in a world
--Where they give bad names to beautiful things
--Everybody knows we live in a world
--Where we don't give beautiful things a second glance

--Heaven only knows we live in a world
--Where what we call beautiful is just something on sale
--People laughing behind their hands
--As the fragile and the sensitive are given no chance

By the end, though, the perspective changes from a lament to a challenge. The middle verse tells everybody, "We should live in a beautiful world/we should give beautiful a second chance", before turning that spotlight towards us.

--You strong enough to be
--Have you the courage to be
--Have you the faith to be
--Honest enough to stay
--Don't have to be the same
--Don't have to be this way
--C'mon and sign your name
--You wild enough to remain beautiful?

--And the leaves turn from red to brown
--To be trodden down
--Trodden down
--And we fall green to red to brown
--Fall to the ground
--But we can turn it around

--You strong enough to be
--Why don't you stand up and say
--Give yourself a break
--They'll laugh at you anyway
--So why don't you stand up and be
--Black, white, red, gold, and brown
--We're stuck in this world
--Nowhere to go
--Turnin' around
--What are you so afraid of?
--Show us what you're made of
--Be yourself and be beautiful


Think I just found my motivational music for the next phase of the journey.
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