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Embracing my Inner Child

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The skating rink is done, I mean the Big People skating rink. Cleared of snow. Ready to use! Got it finished Tuesday afternoon.

So what to do for exercise next? Well, I had started a snow fort prior to the last big snowfall. It needed salvaging. That was yesterday's exercise, shoveling snow out of the fort and piling it high around the perimeter walls, placing extra in strategic locations so I can carve out observation towers after the snow packs. Then a thought struck me: why not pile the snow back into the entry opening, let it set overnight, and construct an offset entryway--you know, the kind with the right-hand and left-hand turns so that invaders pile up and are easily picked off as they try to enter the castle keep? Finished that today and it works like a charm : )

Also yesterday, I thought perhaps we'd need escape paths from the fort to other locations in the yard. No problem, dug out a twisting path to the raised garden beds, a potential safe hiding place. What's this? A 6-foot space between two long raised beds? A practically pre-built second fort? Of course! Shoveled the snow from between the two beds, closed off the ends with high snow barricades, and bingo! A back-up fort. Zombie apocalypse creates no fear for us now. And more escape paths, we'd need more. OK. Shoveled a perimeter path around the lawn, past the moose bed to the huge spruce tree whose drooping branches conceal yet another escape shelter. Great! Safety feature after safety feature become part of the scene.

What's that between the tree and the house? A hump of frozen topsoil covered with a foot and a half of snow? No need to tell me it's a natural lookout point. Shoveled the path over to the lookout, hollowed out the back of the snow cover so a 4-year-old can climb up and look out over the landscape completely unnoticed from the main fort, should it ever become occupied by The Enemy.

Final safety precaution? Shovel another twisting path from the lookout to the back steps of Gram and Gramps' house, and a guy could conceivably make it to the safety of the Home Village if he's not able to reclaim the main fort. All that and Gramps got a couple of hours of strenuous exercise as well as working his imagination : )

Today? Well, what man is content with yesterday's accomplishments? Of course today I had to perfect the already-near-perfect. Yet another path, this one to the flag pole, where the flag had somehow become entangled and no longer fluttered in the wind. Fixed that and continued the perimeter path around the half of the lawn not encircled by yesterday's roadworks. Carve the entries into both forts, pile the walls a little higher, shovel snow that had slid off the roof onto the main path between the bedroom steps to the sundeck, generally clean up untidy bits of path and battleworks.

Today's work--or was that play???--took an hour and brought me over my target exercise minutes for the week. Good thing, too, as tomorrow is a trip-to-the-city day, no time for exercise beyond pacing the malls. I was scheduled for a blood donor appointment but I'm still fighting The Cold so I've had to postpone the donation to next week. Hate doing that! We still have to make the trip tomorrow as DW scheduled Lady Stuff appointments to coincide with my donor appointment, and of course we'll still want our visit with DD, SIL and GS after our errands are done.
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    I see you like playing in the snow! I love that!
    2257 days ago
    Holy smoke, Batman!! What you call 'play' I sure call 'LOTS of work'. emoticon
    You must have sweated off a day's calories doing all that ~ or more. Way to go, Ken! Keep fighting that cold and take lots of Vitamin C. :)

    Btw, Canadians do say 'eh' way more than I'd like to admit. Me, not so much. hehe I have to say, however, that Americans say 'huh' a lot and nobody makes fun of that. ;)
    2257 days ago
    Okay, when do we get to see the photographs of all your labour. Things almost sounds too good to be true. Perhaps you should be charging admission!
    2257 days ago
    That sounds fabulous. I'm enjoying imagining what this wonderland looks like. The "kids" are going to love it!
    2258 days ago
  • RUSSELL1960
    Have you thought about posting a photo of the fort? It would be fun to see. On second thougtht I realize that would be difficult. A satellite photo would be required to capture the magnitude of the fortifications and there would be risk in that. The Enemy might get hold of the pictures, learn the secret escape routes, and take advantage. I wonder if you are able to sleep at night in anticipation of the arrival of the grandkids? The wait must be simply intolerable for you with such excitement in sort for them. How fun!
    2258 days ago
    What a great Gramps you are. The kids will have a wonderful time discovering all the twists and turns. And finding the road to the back steps and the yummy hot chocolate Gram will have waiting! emoticon
    2258 days ago
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