Nutrition CHECK...EXERCISE...C

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just a quick exciting update !!

My nutrition has been ON this last week! I have cut dairy milk out as a test. I think I may have a sensitivity to it and replaced it with almond milk. Ever since I have not craved chocolate....coincidence???? hmm...

I've increased veggies, fruits, protein and transferred to more whole grains and added nuts into my routine.

AND that solution i was talking about last week.......WELL I did alter where I exercise its just not a place more people would be caught doing a workout. Again the house I am in is VERY small so unless I workout outisde or in front of the television that someone is watching then im SOL. So tonoght I found a bodyweight workout on youtube by a guy from nerdfitness, wrote it down and went into my bathroom....YES my bathroom to do it. That way i didn't bother anyone else and they didn't bother me. There was just enough room to do everything int he wokout! After doing the circuit 3 times I just right into the shower and voila!

I've also been unable to go to Zumba this week because of workshops I needed to attend and my staff meeting, both taking place at the same time as Zumba. i figured this would be the perfect time to add those strength training workouts in.

Here is the beginner body weight circuit:

Warm up: 5-10 mins (I ran on the spot , jumped, and did jumping jacks)

20 body weight squats
10 push ups
20 lunges
10 dumbell rows per arm
15 second plank
30 jumping jacks

Repeat three times.

Then stretch.

Now this was a beginner workout and I was able to complete the entire workout in between 10-15 minutes. not including warm up or stretching.

One observation i had was the leg exercises were fairly easy because i have been doing this in Zumba alot. however, the pushups were KILLER. I found the plank and pushups really worked my arms and core which felt pretty awesome.

Anyways. Have a great night. Apologies for the lack of editing and the random scrambling of words typed. I guess that's what happened when a tired person tries to blog!
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