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Peace, Order and Good Government

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Canadian Constitution Act 1867 speaks to "peace, order and good government": that's the intended scope of Parliamentary powers.

A long way from the way more familiar American concept of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"!

And "peace, order and good government" sounds pretty boring, eh?? (That "eh" is quintessentially Canadian too. )

Don't know why I've been thinking about this . . . but I have. For several weeks. Canadians are, of course, saturated with American culture: American TV and movies and magazines. Can't help it, living right next door to y'all!! In my own mind, I often confuse "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" with the entitlement to free choice . . . and I waaaaay too often think about choosing foods that will "make me happy"!! Especially during the holiday season just past: if it's going to make me happy (the stuffing and gravy, the shortbread, the eggnog) then heck, I should just go for it. Because I only live once, right? Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.

Gotta say, though, that at heart, I'm really a POGG. I aspire to be peaceful about food, to eat what I need (for fuel, nutrition) in an orderly kind way, and to exercise "good government" over myself.

There it is. Peace, order and good government. I don't achieve it all the time, but my personal "constitution" is stronger and healthier when I do.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Peace, order and good government - I like that. We could use some of that down here.

    I read a book last year that compared the American value of "freedom" with the New Zealander value of "fairness." Fascinating book (I can't think of the name of it right now.) (My mother was from New Zealand.) One thing I learned from having an immigrant parent was that different is not always bad. Different can be better, or worse, or just different.

    I really enjoyed your POGG interpretation. I could use that in my life, too.
    1982 days ago
    I love how your mind works.
    That really is a good illustration of how Americans differ from Canadians-
    not that one is better or worse-
    just different.
    1982 days ago
    Great blog and great attitude both personally and as a country. I knew I liked Canadians.
    1982 days ago
    Love your blog! I am personally aspiring to Peace, Order and Good Government in my diet and exercise and life also! Plus I wish the US Congress would adopt those goals instead of constant bickering between the parties...
    1982 days ago
    I'd love me some peace, order and good government instead of the fight about how we all should live one way instead of choosing our own way to live life. Moving to Canada is always on my mind.
    1982 days ago
  • KRYSTL719
    i always wanted to go to Canada. =)
    1982 days ago
    Way prefer the "food as fuel" mentality and life sure is "peaceful" when I can follow suit! :-)

    1982 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Americans could learn a thing or two from our neighbors to the North, I think you are right about the pursuit of happiness... we are all consumed with the fleeting happiness from consumption. Food does not make us happy, we only think it does. (okay there may be a momentary rise in some pleasure centers, but that is not true happiness.
    Hmmm... happiness is well-being? That is POGG,
    Thank you for sharing that with your neighbors to the south. Now if the U.S. only could put some of it into practice the world would be a better place.
    1982 days ago
    Here's to being a POGG!

    I have to keep reminding myself the rhetoric in this country emoticon is not as harsh as other periods in its history, but I am so tired of the 'warring' words.

    Interested to research the 2nd Amendment history (as gun control is front and center now) - went from states having the right to form militias to individuals having the right to carry guns in public places...
    1982 days ago
    I like how you always write something that gets me thinking.
    1982 days ago
    Do you remember the "Allegory of Good and Bad Government" by Abrogio Lorenzetti? That's what your blog made me think of - and I need to remember that good food will make me look like the good government, and "bad" (unhealthy) food will make me look like the bad government.

    So thank you for sharing that - because that visual really is going to help me stay on the path I want to travel.

    1983 days ago
    Your analogy, as usual, is fantastic.
    1983 days ago
    Yes, you are a POGG, and that is an excellent guide for personal as well as national life. I aspire to that too.
    1983 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Boring is better for a healthy lifestyle. Slow and steady wins the race in the end.
    Consistency is thekey and you have it!
    Keep up the great work!!
    1983 days ago
  • DALID414
    Peace, order, and good government, definitely more appropriate for personal constitution.
    1983 days ago
    Peaceful sounds preferable to "anxious"! Which is what I feel when I *don't* govern myself well.

    Peace, out, or as they say in yoga class, Namaste! emoticon
    1983 days ago
    Brilliant analogy and analysis!! Love it! Especially the good governance of ourselves. YES!!

    Thanks for the "adorable" comment on my blog. Yes, I know. No objectivity here; they are!!!
    1983 days ago
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