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Sugar Fiend

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

emoticon For as long as I can remember I have had a love affair with sugar, mainly chocolate. I remember my parents letting me have a Hershey bar, but only if I ate my dinner. So I would eat my dinner as fast as I could just to get ahold of the chocolate bar. As a kid, I always loved dessert so much more than anything else. Jello with whipped cream, cake, ice cream, candy, pudding, snack cakes, and I can put down a Twinkie. I never met a dessert I didn't like. I think thats really been my downfall. I'm sitting here with an absessed jaw because I have a bad back tooth. You reflect on all of the things you could have done wrong when you're in pain with something like this. What could have made this so bad? Perhaps it was the candy, and soda? Thoughts like, "I'm never eating sugar again!" cross my mind. But the second the pain is gone, I forget my vow. I like fast food, I like chips, I like to eat, but really, I could happily live without most things, but when I think of a life without sweets, I start to panic!!! Live the rest of my life without chocolate, or Twinkies? I can't do it. The best advice I ever got regarding diets is: Don't ever start a diet you can't keep for the rest of your life. Well obviously I'm not giving up a sweet here or there, but what can I do? A few things that helped me are:
1. Portion size--I may not be able to give up sugar forever but I can limit how much I consume
2. Sugar free---I found the sugar free section in the candy aisle at Walmart. There I found things like Russell Stover chocolates that are sugar free. They taste real! They make your brain think, "hey I'm eating chocolate" because after all it is real chocolate, just minus the sugar. The problem is that you have to still watch portions because they still have fat and calories.
3. Find really great healthier sweets--I found several awesome alternatives to snack cakes. Your average snackcake has about 250 calories per serving!!! I found Fiber One brownies that are 90 calories, taste great and have fiber, which lets face it, I'm lacking in. I found 100 calorie snack packs of popular snacks in the cookie section and fruit cups!!! Never thought I'd enjoy a cup of fruit so much, but Del Monte makes these fruit cups like pears with vanilla and spice that have 60 calories!!!!
4. Think differently--Yes I want a snackcake, but, I can fool myself into thinking I don't need them for a long time without thinking I'll never eat them again. Its all in your attitude. I look at my husband's snackcakes sitting on top of the fridge and think, "I really don't have room for those in my calories today, I could have a cup of fruit, a cup of greek yogurt and maybe even a fiberone brownie for that one stupid snack cake. I don't EVER tell myself that I can't eat them ever again, just not right now.
5. Dark chocolate--For those of us who are chocolate freaks who can't possibly live without just a little chocolate, dark chocolate like my personal favorite, Dove dark chocolate bars, is actually good for you. It has antioxidants and less calories and fat than milk chocolate. I use it as a little treat. I eat about 1/3 of a Dove Dark Chocolate bar and feel indulged.

I know I can't live without sweets forever, but I also can't live the way I was forever. I know I have to make a few sacrafices, but plain ol' giving it up would most likely sabotage my efforts.
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    ooooh ACRAIG921, that sounds very yummy! I'll try that! emoticon emoticon
    1980 days ago
  • ACRAIG921
    I can totally relate to how you feel. I love sweets, especially chocolate. I allow myself one cheat day per week, usually Saturnday, that I can eat what I want, and I don't feel guilty. I always make sure I work out on that day too so it's not a total waste. On other days, if I have extra calories leftover, I have been putting a banana, 2 tbsp of cool whip and 1tsp of choc chips to help satisfy my sweets craving. Good luck in your journey, let me know if I can help you in any way. emoticon
    1980 days ago
    I'm like that as well.. I think "This snack is 250 calories.. but this one is way less." Makes it easier to kind of give up some foods. I also never restrict any foods. If I really, really want something.. I eat some.. but not alot. Sugar is such a hard thing to stay away from. Thankfully there are options so we don't have to avoid it completely!
    1981 days ago
    this is a tough one because when you give up sugars you go through a painful withdrawal. you get headaches, you feel like crap, you get grumpy BUT then, just when you think you can't take it, you start to feel better and there is a clarity to your brain and your thinking. You actually think more clearly. So I don't know if you want to go there but fast food and eating inferior quality food is truly addictive. I hear you. I have not given up chocolate but I don't waste my money, calories on Hersheys chocolate, I go for a excellent quality dark chocolate. And when I want a cookie etc, I go to the best bakery and buy a large but delicious cookie and have a latte to go with it. But I sit down and enjoy it rather than consume a package of Keebler cookies watching TV. And I try to avoid any or all "sugar free" or "low calorie" foods. I like dried unsulphered mango from Trader Joes. ood luck on finding something that works. we are all different but on the same journey!
    1981 days ago
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