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Every failure brings with it the seed of equivalent success.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

While doing school reading this quote stuck out at me. I think this is extremely applicable to me and anyone else who has tried and ultimately failed to lose weight. When I think of what some of my past "seeds" have been I think about the knowledge I've aquired and my failure brings me one step closer to my ultimate success. You almost always trip a few times before you can learn to walk.

Yesterday I had my first weigh in and lost a whopping 7.5 lbs. I think that is incredible but I can't wait for the off scale wins- like my pants becoming too big...!!
Today I had my first appointment with a nutritionist (they have one on staff that is free for students.) As I was listing my strategies, habits, successes and failures she looked at me and was amazed by all I knew. Her response- are you sure you're not a nutritionist? You know exactly what to do.
No, definitely not, but I was interested in becoming one before I discovered how much biology was required...
We came to the conclusion that the reason I have failed at long term weight loss was that had yet to incorporate weight loss in my life in a way that was SUSTAINABLE. I am very good at losing weight and can even keep it off for up to a year but it exhausts me mentally. Over the next few weeks we plan to work on building skills that will make it seem less forced and more natural to me (thereby requiring me to think about it less!) I am excited about working with her!

My first homework assignment:
Imagine in your perfect world what your life would be like in 5 years. What would that look like? What would you look like? How would you eat? What would your habits be? Be honest with yourself.

^from this she plans on creating goals and then specific actions and skills I need to reach that perfect self. Feel free to leave me what your answer....as for me, I am going to spend a few days pondering that question! I will post it on here in a few days!

One day at a time,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That great that you found a nutritionist that you like!
    1791 days ago
    That's a really good ida. I'm going to try that. Thanks for sharing!
    1850 days ago
    thank you I really found this helpful
    1902 days ago
    What an awesome and inspiring post!!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    1902 days ago
    Great quote and insight! Thanks for sharing! emoticon
    1908 days ago
    This is so me. I could write the books on weight loss. Its the doing it that i can't seem to get a grip on. Please keep writing and sharing. emoticon
    1908 days ago
  • FREEBIRD7100
    great job. I think I need to get into the sustainable thing as well. I am just starting out & have alot of obstacles. Sustainable is a good way of thinking. Thank you for this
    1914 days ago
    THANK YOU so very much for your words.
    1917 days ago
  • MEEMAH2013
    Awesome! You inspire me to look differently at my goals and where I picture myself in five years. I was barely looking at 6 months!
    1917 days ago
    You can do it!
    1917 days ago
    I like the term SUSTAINABLE. I hope I can learn this lesson too. That's what I needed to hear on a day like this. Thank you.
    1922 days ago
  • ICANDOIT1220
    Good points! I am coming up on my 1-year mark with SP and I have realized that I am hardly "finished." Some things are not sustainable over time. You're right. It's different for everyone, but for me I realized that I wasn't going to be able to enter every single thing I ate into the computer every day. I decided to do 4-5 days per week and to keep using my little notebook to record what I eat. Even if I enter some guess-timates, it's better to keep track than to forget it all together. I am realizing that it doesn't have to always be ALL or NOTHING. It feels a bit more "normal" giving myself the chance to practice what I have learned and to realize that I can succeed, but I do need the structure of SP to get myself back on track too!

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far! It sounds like you are on your way to more success!

    1924 days ago
    Inspiring!!! :)

    I have to make sustainable changes too!!!! Hopefully I will be able to!! :)
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Good luck with everything!!
    You WILL reach the off scale win!!! :D

    Keep on the good work!! :)
    1924 days ago
    Keep it goin'!!!
    1924 days ago
    Congrats! and thanks for sharing, that encourages me to keep on keeping on. Keep it up. emoticon
    1924 days ago
    Congrats I will cheer you on. emoticon
    1924 days ago
    So awesome!! Congrats and keep moving forward!!
    1924 days ago
    That is really great that you lost 7.5 pounds and that you are seeing a nutritionist and are setting your goals. Sometimes we get so busy in our lives with work,school,family, etc. that we forget about doing anything for ourselves. Great post and I wish lots of luck. emoticon
    1925 days ago
  • FELICIA1963
    Thank you for sharing this with us - it's advice I need to follow!
    1925 days ago
    Thank you so much for sharing. It is an enlightening concept that we all can use. It is one that offers hope to us that have problems out of the ordinary, like me with Vitamin D deficiency making losing weight extremely difficult, so that we can feel like we are at least accomplishing something, even though we may not be losing weight at all times. May God bless you on your journey! emoticon
    1925 days ago
    You are on the right path. I would like you to continue to pass along your homework assignments to help pull me in tthe right direction too. I understand about keeping to a SUSTAINABLE plan. I will start and then go off in another direction and so drop my plan. I read a book recently that said we should not make resolutions but come up with one word that we follow for the year. After consideration, I came up with CONSISTENT. I decided to sectionalize my life and apply it. Right now I am using CONSISTENT with exercise. I am not fully there yet but there has been so much improvement with me keeping exercise appointments with my new personal trainer. I just need to add more at home exercise days to it now. Then once that is ingrained I want to move that word into other areas of life like CONSISTENT eating of xx number of fruits etc. So keep us in the loop as we can all learn from one another. emoticon
    1926 days ago
    You have really inspired me! I have sat down and written my perfect world goals! In five years in my perfect world, I will be trim, somewhat muscular with a golden tan ( I am using sunscreen) from being outdoors, hiking and gardening. I will eat lots of vegetables and fruits that I have raised and lean meat. I will love to get up in the morning , have my coffee outside, go for a walk with my husband, read my devotional, garden and quilt. Oh, and like you I will have to ponder this for several days because I have already thought of more things to add! Do volunteer work for the needy is one that is high on my list. And I am going to inspire my husband to garden also!
    1926 days ago
    emoticon emoticon - - emoticon
    1926 days ago
    That was a beautiful blog......read it again n again...thnx a lot for this..
    1926 days ago
  • MONTANA131
    Err.. I mean cheering you you on!

    1926 days ago
  • MONTANA131
    We will be cherring you on!

    1926 days ago
  • GLADYS152626
    Great quote,little steps at a time.keep up the good work and will keep that in mind and remind to keep going when I fall off the wagon.Thanks for sharing this.keep going.
    1926 days ago
    emoticon emoticon I think you are on the right track, keep it up, set small goals and accomplish them emoticon

    1926 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1926 days ago
    1926 days ago
    Great quote! I've been really frustrated lately, and I'm going to try to keep that in mind.
    1926 days ago
    Fantastic post! Ty 4 sharing. ATB on your journey...looks like you are off to a great start.
    1927 days ago
    Healthy eating is a lifetime journey, sounds like you are well on your way. emoticon
    1927 days ago
    Good for you! I too have struggled with losing and gaining back. Since last summer, I have lost 40 lbs. and lately have been stalled-not gaining (thank God) but not losing either. It is sooo easy to slip back into the bad habits that got me in trouble in the first place. I was reading messages from SparkPeople today hoping for inspiration and your blog really spoke to me. We do have to change our lives, not just our diets. Thanks for writing and please keep posting as you go through your journey. You are helping more people than you can imagine.
    1927 days ago
    I can identify with all that you've said. I'm interested to hear how you progress to the point of keeping weight off naturally. Chocolate is my downfall. I lose the weight and then I have the overwhelming desire to binge on it. I know one thing, if I keep it out of the house it's much easier to not binge. Good luck on your journey!
    1927 days ago
    one step at a time one day at a time that is my motto!!! i found the love of kettlebelles I took that and ran with it and everything else fell into place. I'm smaller and more fit than i was in high school. KUDDOS to you
    1927 days ago
    Keep us posted on what you find works! very excited to hear about all of this!!!
    1927 days ago
    My nutritionist is a gift from God. She seems to understand all the things I have to deal with physically and gives me goals that are realistic for ME. emoticon
    1927 days ago
    Good for you. That is a great lesson to learn and at 21 years old, you have a whole lifetime to live your new lesson!!!! Congrats! emoticon emoticon
    1927 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/9/2013 12:01:23 AM
    Congratulations on your great insight into this weight loss journey
    Yes sometimes other things have to be accomplished besides the weight losses
    Best wishes as you continue to grow and learn about self
    One day at a time
    1927 days ago
    emoticon WOW!!!
    1927 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your message.
    I think there's a lot in there tha many of us could learn from.
    Accountability is a huge issue, too.
    So I'm learning from at least 2 things to start with.
    1927 days ago
    You are doing incredibly well! emoticon I have found myself in a similar circumstance; I can talk the talk until the cows "come home", but applying the walk each day is where I stumble. Yes, I am a yo-yo having lost 80lbs 2.5 years ago and now having put 30 back on. Thanks for the new ideas and emoticon , No- emoticon
    1927 days ago
    Great blog and sounds like you have a great plan for success! Good luck and keep up the good work!
    1927 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    Great to see your blog featured in the Spark Mail.
    1927 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1927 days ago
    emoticon Keep it up! and keep it fun. emoticon

    1927 days ago
    Awesome! Keep up the good work.
    1927 days ago
    "I am very good at losing weight and can even keep it off for up to a year but it exhausts me mentally."

    I have this same experience!

    "Over the next few weeks we plan to work on building skills that will make it seem less forced and more natural to me (thereby requiring me to think about it less!)"

    I have a burning need to know this. Will you please share with us when you find out more info?
    1928 days ago
    inspiring thanks & congratulations
    1928 days ago
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