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Question for runners....

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ok, I’m still very much a novice but am coming to discover that this is the exercise of choice for me. I’m slow, but I go, and I keep telling myself that’s all that matters. However I realize I have a lot to learn.

A couple quick questions that crossed my mind as I took advantage of the ‘snow day’ home from school and got out for my 3 mile ‘run’ (I’m calling it a run to encourage myself, more like a jog to you experience folks!):

1. Today was the first day my legs were chilled on the first mile. I recently bought a down lined running skirt that keeps my very upper thighs and tush quite cozy, but today was the first day the front of my thighs were pretty cold. I wear some black danskin (I think?) stretch-type pants. They aren’t super thin, but not super thick either. By the end of the ‘run’ it wasn’t so bad, but I’m sure the winter will get colder before it gets warmer. What do you folks wear on your legs. Any product recommendations?

2. My ipod shut off immediately as I took it out of my pocket to turn off my Nike running app. I’m sure it was the cold, but what do other folks do about this? I’m sure I’m not the first who this has happened to.

Thanks for any feedback/suggestions/info anyone can share! I’m just feeling proud that I actually got out there today…I would not have even gone out for a walk at this time last year.
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    and I was whining about walking in 35 degree weather

    1955 days ago
    It gets cold here in the winter. Ugg. I'm not a fan of the cold, but running doesn't have to feel terrible in it! Layers. Moisture-wicking, for sure. The fronts of my thighs and butt get super cold in temps under -15C (5F and colder), so I wear a double layer of pants then, too. One layer is this thin insulating yet moisture-wicking layer, topped with my regular pants. Double pants would work, too. Double socks. Mitts. A cover for your ears/hat (running hat even- it would be moisture-wicking which would keep you warmer). And for your upper body- layers. I wear all moisture-wicking. 4 layers when it's colder than -25C (-13F). Topped with a wind-resistant running jacket. It will keep you warmer. Definitely do double pants though. I find 4 layers gets slightly more restrictive, but I don't have the $$$ to fork over for the ultra warm, thin running layers available. Yet. I would only need 2 layers then. Or 3. But they would be thin. And wonderful.

    My feet and hands warm up fast, but not my thighs. My boyfriend's hands do not warm up. It all depends on the person. I have heard about dressing 15 degrees C warmer, but frankly when it's in the negative already, I want to start out warm and I am always happy to unzip the layers if needed along the run. That has never steered me wrong.

    My iPod shuffle has issues under -25C (-13F). Issues with the ear phones or volume, or it just pretty much stops working. It doesn't ever sit on my outside layer, either. It's tucked in. It must just get too cold. Those days I just run without it.

    Hope that helps! Have fun running!

    P.S. I am not a fast runner, either. It is fun though!
    1956 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/17/2013 12:56:05 AM
    I layer when I run. I have a close layer on the bottom -- danskin-type material and then another layer over top of that when it's really windy. I know cotton is the devil--it soaks up the sweat, but it's what I usually wear as my 2nd layer because I have it on hand and it's loose over top of the wicking material so it doesn't get too wet. Every person handles the weather differently, so there really isn't one fix. The best thing is to keep experimenting. I read something once that said you should dress 20 degress warmer than what the weather is because by the time you heat up that's what it'll feel like. It's worked for me this far.

    The iPod thing. I have to wear 2 sports bras when I run, so I just hold my iPhone in between the two bras...one of the blessings of having a chest I guess. It keeps it plenty warm and dry. :) Is there anyway you can store it closer to your body while you're outside? Be careful not to to store it in a spot where it's going to get soaked with sweat though. Be careful with the snow and ice, too. A run is not worth an injury that will end or seriously hamper your running career! If you search SP for winter running, there are lots of good articles on it. Here's one I found really helpful: http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource

    Finally, you should give yourself big props for running during a snow day! Not only are snow days cold, they are relaxing and it'd be easy to sluff it off. Keep it going--you're doing great! A 10k is going to be a breeze for you! :)

    1956 days ago
    I don't Know if you are friends with ADVENTURESEEKER. She runs in the cold and could probably help you out with these questions.

    1956 days ago
    I usually wear danskin too. The pants you are referring to I wear, then I wear a sports bra, a tank with reinforcement for my breasts, and then another long sleeve danskin top over that. If it is cold enough I will wear a jacket over that made of same material as other clothes. Whatever you are comfortable in but I like layers. Usually cold when I start out but it doesn't take long to warm up. Never had that happen to my ipod but I have forgotten to charge it all the way and it goes dead. Don't like that but if it happens you just have to go with it and run listening to the sounds of nature! Good luck! I started running early last year and am now addicted. I may not be fast (10 1/2 minutes is my best mile) but I'm still a runner just as you are!
    1956 days ago
  • KA_JUN
    Interesting blog, as a noob runner, myself, I'm interested in hearing about your learning curve. emoticon
    1956 days ago
    I'm not a runner, but I do have experience with ipods and iphones :P Are you sure it was the cold that shut it off? Most devices provide enough warmth themselves that when in a pocket will still work. I've been in -20 F weather (actually... a blizzard... long story) and my iPod and phone still worked just fine, and my boyfriend's iPhone was still able to text me :P A more likely culprit is the app drained your battery, which is very frequent for apps that run location services. Suggestions: when you go for a run, make sure your ipod is fully charged. Turn screen brightness down all the way (you won't need to see the screen when you run, I assure you). Turn OFF all applications. Don't just press the home button. Seriously turn them off. To do this, double tap the home button. You'll see a string of apps show up at the button the screen. These are all the apps you have open! Press and hold on any of the app icons until they start to wiggle and have the red X, and then make sure everything (but the Nike app and music, probably) is off of that list by touching those red Xs. I think that'll help, but if you have any more questions on how to save battery on ipod or iphone let me know!
    1956 days ago
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