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The Motivation Hoodie

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today is day 19 of my current "on track" streak!

Just before I started my first streak on March 1, 2012, I saw a really pretty hoodie in a catalog. It was kind of expensive, and definitely more than I normally spend on one piece of clothing. But it was so pretty, and I really wanted it! Hubby still had a job then, so I didn't feel bad for ordering it. I wore a size 3X at the time, but in order to motivate myself, I took a chance and ordered it in a size Large.

When it arrived, I eagerly tore into the package. It was just so gorgeous in the catalog picture...but I was slightly disappointed in the actual product. For one thing, the colors were not as dark as in the picture. In real life, they were a bit more muted. Another disappointment was the material. It just felt kind of cheap, to be honest. And it was a very clingy kind of material, which just didn't appeal to me. Still, I was happy to have that hoodie, and I looked forward to the day when it would finally fit me.

As I streaked along each day, eating right and exercising, I had times when my motivation would fade. During those times, I'd get the hoodie out of the drawer and try to imagine myself wearing it. I am very good at imagining things in detail, so I would visualize myself wearing it on a cool, clear day. It would be a good hair day (of course) and I'd be wearing that hoodie with a pair of jeans that had a zipper and a button, instead of my usual stretch pants! Perhaps I'd be wearing a pair of flat boots, with my jeans tucked into them. In my imagination, I looked pretty darned good in that hoodie! Sometimes, that mental image would really help me keep going on my streak.

As the months went by, I went down in clothing sizes, and got closer and closer to being able to wear that hoodie. I started to wear real jeans, not stretchy pants. I went slowly from from a size 3X t shirt to size L. And when I put the hoodie on...I hated the way it looked on me! Oh, it fits now, but the material is so clingy, it shows off all my lumps and bumps! Plus, its just too long, and it makes me look frumpy. Its just not flattering at all. And its pretty low cut, so I need to buy a cami or something to wear under it. But really...I just don't like that hoodie very much!

Maybe as I lose more weight and firm up some more, that will change. Or maybe I just need to wear some Spanx or something under it, lol.

Although I don't like the hoodie as much as I did when I first ordered it, I don't regret buying it. Even if I end up NEVER wearing it, it was worth every penny spent on it because it helped keep me motivated for so long! But I don't need a motivation hoodie anymore. I have changed my lifestyle, and I will keep this up forever because I love being healthy and feeling good. Its not about looking good in a particular item of clothing. Its about loving myself enough to take care of my health every day. They say good health is its own reward, and I can certainly attest to that!

"The best way to start living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams NOW, in every way that you can." (Unknown)
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