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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today's insane schedule:

4:45am - Wake Up
4:45-5:45am - Shower, toothbrush, makeup, hair: Dressed!
5:45-6:00am - Get Kiddo's stuff (clothes ironed, lunchbox packed) ready for school
6:00-7:00am - Commute to early AM shoot, eat breakfast on the way
7:00-11:30am - Produce brilliant on-location corporate B-Roll footage
11:30-1:30pm - Commute to client's preferred restaurant/eat lunch with client/commute back to the office
1:30-3:30pm - Write brilliant corporate video script, sway boss to my way of thinking on project
3:30-4:30pm - Commute home, change into workout clothes
4:30-4:32pm - Discover High school track is actually being used by high schoolers. Shrug it off and settle for road running.
4:32-5:22pm - Run 2.25 miles, walk another .75 miles. Drive home.
5:22-5:45pm - Shower, hair: Dressed! (again); Make poster announcing Kiddo's Girl Scout cookie sale
5:45-6:00pm - Drive to Kiddo's school, pick her up from After School Care
6:00-6:45pm - Dinner at Subway with the Kiddo; Add spinach to sandwich just because I can!
6:45-7:50pm - Drive to library for annual Neighborhood Association Meeting, pay annual dues, listen to the proceedings politely (well, as politely as is possible to listen to old people complain about landscapers), hang poster for Girl Scout cookie sale, bask in the glory of all three of my neighbors who opt to buy (:::eyeroll:::)
7:50-8:00pm - Pay overdue library fees, checkout books with the Kiddo (who manages to sell a box of cookies to the librarian! Good one!)
8:00-8:05pm - Drive home
8:05-8:30pm - Feed animals, do a load of laundry, quiz Kiddo for her Science test tomorrow
8:30-9:30pm - Spark while watching TBL on DVR. Marvel at how big some of the people look, the same people who get on the scale and weight 20# less than I do right now. Console myself by assuming they must all be terribly, terribly short.
9:30-10:15pm - Bedtime for the Kiddo. Yes, you have to floss. It doesn't matter if you did it this morning, you have to do it again.
10:15-11:08pm - Write this post and (hopefully) go straight to bed and start all over again!

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