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This and That--1-15-13

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First let me preface, this is a lot of repeat to my SMHH team! emoticon

We had Andrew's birthday party Sunday night. Homemade chicken strips and French bread, homegrown frozen corn from my MIL, potatoes and onions, and German Chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert. AND I could NOT resist the cake! Believe me--I TRIED. One of the highlights was going around the supper table as each person expounded on the things they loved and appreciated about Andrew. TENDER moment and yes, this EMOTIONAL mama almost CRIED over the sweet words from my kids!

I was going to take the picture of him BLOWING out the candles, and he tricked me! He inhaled real big, and then DID THIS at the last minute when I took the picture! STINKER!!!!

Andrew w/Sammy

And YES, he is still recovering from the PACKER loss! emoticon Andrew heads back to school on Monday--I'm going to miss the stuffin' out of him!!!!

Our 'electronics/media' break on Sunday was FANTASTIC! I'm REALLY seeing a multitude of advantages!!!! My girlfriend recently posted the statistics of children on media devices and I couldn't believe the % of children that spend SEVEN HOURS A DAY on some kind of electronics! I feel good that we are setting goals to spend less time on the computer, ipads, ipods, itouch, iphones, etc. I LOVE this picture of the original play station:

Golden Moment: Mary had been playing, when I noticed her down in the utility room [she had laundry this last week] cleaning, and taking care of a load. I said, "GOOD JOB, MARE!" To which she replied, "Yeah, I figured work before play." Awwwww--my baby girl is getting SO mature!!!! :-)

Funny Moment: Sammy and I are playing "Kings on the Corner" when he started just slapping cards like crazy. I said, "Wooohooo, Sam" and he said, "Yeah, Mom, now I'm kicking with fire." I THOUGHT I WOULD BUST A GUT! I guess he took after me in getting clich├ęs right! ha! HE meant 'cooking with fire."

BTW, this is a gift basket he put together for his BEST friend, Miss Sharon [she is like an adopted grandma!]

One last thing: I KNOW this is turning into a book! ha!

I just can't do this 'low carb' diet anymore! I did give this low-carb route the old college try--faithfully doing it for 9 weeks [from August-October] and on and off for these last 2 months. But it just doesn't seem to be the fit I was hoping it would be!

There I said it! And to be real honest, I'm in a state of confusion, and a FOG as to what I should do! SOOOOOO, starting tonight, I'm going to go back and read my blogs from when I first started with SP. I KNOW that SP is the key for me! I feel SO enveloped by love and support by the faithful friendships, and there is NEVER, EVER a spirit of judgment--even when I slip up or fall flat on my face! I'm glad I don't have to be afraid to tell you guys the truth! The truth is I'm not doing too hot! I need to find that place again where I'm 'in the groove' and I KNOW I will with your support and God's grace!
I'm glad our journey continues! And I'm also glad that you guys bear with me in all my attempts to find what exactly IS going to stick with me!!!! Thanks for not giving up on me!!!!

THis is the picture SP posted today on FB and it's SO true:

Hoping I LEARN the skill to navigate with LESS crashes! ha!

Love to each one of you!!!!!
P.S. In our 10th week of no job--but there is potential, and for that I give thanks!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad to see there are prospects on the job scene. I'm sure that stress is affecting your spirits!
    Keeping your family in prayer...
    2275 days ago
    you are blessed
    2285 days ago
    I am glad that you are looking back to what worked for you on spark, you always seemed to do real well and was very positive about the results you were getting.
    I haven't been tracking my food for quite awhile and I have put on some pounds over the holidays, so it is" back to work I go"
    And as always thanks for sharing your family life with is a blessing! emoticon
    2286 days ago
    That is a great picture of Andrew tricking you. Your kids are so sweet. I'm sorry you're struggling to figure out what works for you. You are in my prayers for a job for your husband. emoticon
    2286 days ago
    I just love your precious family.

    You will find that balance in your diet Susan. Remember keep it clean. God gave us so many wonderful things to eat. Processing is what ruins it. emoticon
    2286 days ago
    I know you get lots of advice about diet, etc, but it's never " one size fits all". What works for you is what you can keep up over the long haul. I love my carbs and my diet breakdown is usually pretty close to what the nutririon page says I shoud have. I've been tracking my nutrition since Christmas because I got a new iPod from Bill and it is so easy and fun to use the spark app. I don't need to lose any weight, as a matter of fact I lost a few pounds due to a medical issue in Aug( all better now) and haven't gained it back.
    On another note, our pastor suddenly lost his job on Monday. He worked front desk at a hotel. Our church can't support him and his family. His wife works at Mc Donald's so she doesn't get much in the winter. How are things going on the job front up there?
    Miss you. I haven't been on the regular spark site as much because I can use the app for so much( but no friend feed there). Hope we can get together some time next summer. Thanks for adding me to your christmas card list, I enjoyed all the pictures and news. Pam
    2286 days ago
    Glad to hear you are giving up on the low-carb diet; it has always seemed so unheathy to me! And with all the wonderful healthy carbs God has provided to give us variety and taste, why, I love enjoying them (see Genesis 1:29 for God's own words on the subject!). I've managed to lose my weight and maintain the loss by eating about 50% carbs (avoiding white stuffs, mostly), 25% healthy fat and 25% lean protein and lo-fat dairy. It's quite painless:)

    An aside: my daughter, a godly single mom, has given notice that she will not be returning to her teaching job next year. Long story, but I don't fault her for her decision. She has nothing in the works, but senses God's leadership. (I'm thinking of Abraham here.) Prayers appreciated for her, as I'm continuing to remember your current situation, where you are getting to experience God's day-by-day provision:)

    Blessings, Ann

    2286 days ago
    Happy belated Birthday to Andrew. I am another who can't take the low carb plan. I do like the healthy plate and think I will stick with it. I feel strong and have energy with this plan and that is important to me. Hoping you find the right mix for you and the main thing is we NEVER give up! emoticon emoticon
    2286 days ago
    Enjoyed your family photos and blog. The children are always smiling.
    Susan, I believe you are making a wise decision in going off the low carb diet. From the study I've done high protein diets place a huge burden on the kidneys and stress our whole system. It is the REFINED carbs that are the problem. In their natural state with all the fiber wheat, corn, rice, oats, barley, etc ...these are health foods given to us by our Creator.
    Hope your family is feeling better today. Remembering all of you in prayer including Dennis' employment.
    2287 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/16/2013 3:52:48 AM
    Missed your blogs they always brighten my heart.

    Hugs Mary
    2287 days ago
  • SAL1512
    Always a great feeling to read your blogs!
    Sally emoticon
    2287 days ago
    Happy belated birthday to Andrew and way to go to Mary already doing laundry! Way to train those babies up Susan.

    Yes, I am here for you and hope to have the opportunity to cheer you on as long as you are on SP and as long as God allows me to!

    Love Ya sweet Sister,

    2287 days ago
    Special times with special people make potent memories that you can enjoy often! Enjoy.

    I believe we are each a science experiment of one. I am not looking for a magic diet pill (although that would be nice!), but I am looking for a way of eating that will last me the rest of my life and keep me healthy. I'm getting closer but it is still a work in progress.

    Keep searching and you will find your way. emoticon
    2287 days ago
  • SJACK06S
    As a teacher, I'm appalled at how often electronics are used as babysitters and replacement parents. I'm only 27 and grew up with electronics, but lives weren't dependent on them like they are now. I'm concerned about the lives these kids will have when they grow up.
    2287 days ago
    Wow sounds like a beautiful time well spent with your family. Happy Bday to you Andrew!

    God bless,

    2287 days ago
    Great kids!
    2287 days ago
    What a gift your kids are.
    And yes, yay for such a supportive wonderful Spark community.
    I won't give up on you if you don't give up on me Susan.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2287 days ago
  • MJ7DM33
    Great pics! Thx for sharing!
    2287 days ago
    What a good mom!! What delightful children.

    So glad you are giving up the low carb approach.Whole grains, fruits, and veggies are good for you!!! The SparkPeople meal plans, especially when adapted to fit your own tastes, are a great approach. The South Beach Good Carbs-Good Fats approach is pretty good. I love Weight Watchers, but not without cost. So that is 3 good food plans and I'm sure there are others. Just choose one and go for it. You can do it!!!
    2287 days ago
    emoticon I just love the photos, Susan! The children are really looking grown up and just so wonderful! You are going to do well with your healthy lifestyle ... don't you worry! All is going to be fine. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2287 days ago
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