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2013.01.15: "You turned your phone off? Why do you even bother carrying it?"

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So asked Scully of Mulder in "Grotesque" (season 3 ... gargoyles!) ... I've been that way, the one to turn off or not carry my phone. Today Ms. S. and I will be offline for a nice, extended period of time ... but that will probably be a matter of marathon-movie-viewing.


Not infrequently Ms. S. and I communicate via email, even though we live together. This makes sense in the context of her work schedule and a desire to keep me apprised of daily menu decisions, etc. And so in the middle of the night -- or later --, while I sleep, she pens brief missives with a schedule for the coming day (when to wake her up, what she's eating) and suggestions ... we should perhaps watch X or go to Y, and so on.

We of course then communicate in person as well, but this allows us some flexibility.

This year we're also aiming for weekly and monthly goals. We have our 'Movie Monday' and possibly even 'Tofu Tuesday' -- hey! That's today! --, along with a date & restaurant evening (currently Thursday), and so on. Because Ms. S. will be up until two or four in the morning tonight, and because the dire and dreary weather makes for unsavory outings right now, she suggested an afternoon/evening marathon, either of multiple episodes of our usual shows or of some movies, perhaps several entries in a series, something thematically aligned, and so on.

She left that up to me.


I browsed our collection of 'series.' Since moving here we've covered all the Star Trek, all the Star Wars, all the X-Men, all the Harry Potter movies. We've also gone through the Saws, the Die Hards, the first two Lethal Weapons (and lost interest), the various Final Destinations, and a few others. It's not always about 'quality.'

We began the original Friday the 13th entries but stalled. I perused the other horror-slasher-something titles we had stored and I wasn't exactly inspired. I contemplated the Planet of the Apes films ... but not for today.

So I shifted to something thematic, something already suggested: Abraham Lincoln. We can watch Spielberg's "Lincoln," and there's not only "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer" but also its mockbuster version from The Asylum, "Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies." There were various Abraham Lincoln books that came out in 2012 as well ... and I've been wondering for some time: why this Lincoln constellation? It's not a significant anniversary of his life or death, of the Civil War ... why 2012?

To that I do not have an answer. I almost decided on Lincoln. After a brief workout I opted for a shower, and then and there, as is so often the case, another idea came to me.

It can be a Karl Urban day.

Last week was "Doom." We both like "Star Trek" and the Lord of the Rings movies (another series we completed in 2012 ... or 2011). Shortly before that was "Dredd." A while back we watched "RED" together, and there he was. But what about three movies/roles in one day?

We recently watched "Pitch Black" ... so we could go with "The Chronicles of Riddick," especially since another entry in that 'series' is due soon. There's "The Bourne Supremacy," and a few weeks ago I showed the first entry, "The Bourne Identity," to Ms. S., who hadn't seen it before. And then there's "Pathfinder," which I've kind of been wanting to see for some time ... on the one hand it was panned by critics and on the other it's developed a bit of a cult following. "Pathfinder" would also fit with a non-Urban film, "Valhalla," but it would be hard to knit through it as what dialog it has is subtitled.

That's the tentative trio.

"Pathfinder" and "Valhalla" would also go well together with "Outlander," aka Aliens vs. Vikings, and/or with "The 13th Warrior".

What made me think of Urban was that the other night when going through movie options I almost chose "Ghost Ship," which I've never seen, but which, coincidentally, features Karl Urban. In terms of bad movies, I also have access to "And Soon the Darkness" (2010). We could add the poorl-received "Priest" as well ... we have enough for quite a few Urban viewings. Despite being born in the same country, he is no relation of Keith Urban.

He probably gets his clothes at Karl Urban Outfitters.


A carton of (extra firm) tofu lasts us a couple meals. After giving myself about a double serving last night to Ms. S.'s single, we have about enough for two more this evening, so dinner will be a grain & lentils (rice for Ms. S. and barley for me) along with roasted carrots and baked & breaded tofu. A little soy sauce and balsamic splashed in the grain-lentil bowl adds brightness and depth. It's all quite plain, but filling.

For lunch I opted for some roasted mushrooms; my process is not dissimilar to the following:

- garlic butter roasted mushrooms ( smittenkitchen.com/blog/
- Basic Roasted Mushrooms ( www.finecooking.com/reci

Both recipes go for a higher temperature -- 450-475F -- for a shorter amount of time (15-20 minutes for the fomer, 20-25 and then a little extra for the latter); I often like to dry out the mushrooms a little more by beginning at about 375-385F for most of an hour before upping the heat toward the end to 400+; the higher temperatures, though, will give you better browning (and potentially crunchiness). I think less vegetable oil can be used if you coat them carefully. I only rinse and trim the stems.

Apparently my brother has deactivated his FaceBook account ... or adjusted the privacy settings quite dramatically ... or something similar, as his account isn't accessible and he's no longer listed as a 'friend' for me or any of our mutual friends, yet he 'counts' in a way ... if we have seven mutual friends, 7 are listed and 6 appear. Perhaps he'll be back in a day or two. It's one of those weird things that only strikes you because of how much we -- not just the two of us, but so many people -- only "keep in touch" by way of so-called "social media." We're separated by about eight timezones, an ocean, an equator, and continents.

4:10pm ... soon I'll need -- want? -- an afternoon snack. I've not yet had any almonds today! But I'm also looking forward to the sugar buzz of that pouch of 'Thai Tea Drink' ... it's as far removed from Thailand and tea as I am from my brother.
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    Ms. S. has 'regular' netflix (she contemplated going to on demand but had reasons for sticking with DVDs). But as for the BBC's Sherlock ... oh, yes, we've enjoyed that quite a bit. I introduced her to it some time back and we're both awaiting the 3rd season, whenever that happens.

    1956 days ago
    Hey, do you and Ms.S have Netflix on demand? I was thinking you might enjoy
    "The Book Group". And the BBC's Sherlock Holmes series, just a suggestion!

    1956 days ago
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