Closing my eyes

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I can't honestly tell you how or why things come to me in my head but they do and I love playing with words..Sometimes what I write has nothing to do with what is going on with my life and sometimes it is spot on...This time I am not telling anyone which it will be but I will let the words speak for themselves ....I have also been in a funk and really am excited to be back on some sort of "normal" working out...

Be kind :)

"Between the closed eyelids
The place we’ve been before
I’ve felt the emblazed passion
Of a longing once more
Where fingers touch exposed
Lips brush the seams
Places of fastened heartbeats
Frolicking, lingering, tasting
Wrapping, consuming and wasting
Till there is no more altered dream
A place where only hopeful
Strong and cunning realities weave
Hazel eyes graze the grey of mine
Locked in an hourglass, sublime
Dazed in the entrapment
Is it worth it this time?"

I seem to think I've read fifty shades more than my share :)
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