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Are hard times coming?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I tell ya I really worry that we have hard times coming. my paycheck went down thank you mr president . my insurance that was great actually now is just good. That was a shock so now to go to the doctor its going to cost me more . Food prices are crazy gas is crazy. Dosent look like things are going to get any better any time soon. I do hope my job is secrure I work for a small company . I love my job and hate to think of having to work anywhere else. right now we have no threat of shutting down but I worry what the future might hold.
This year I want to get these small debts off my back for good. i have one credit card a 4 wheeler, motorcycle and a loan payment I want to have erased . So Im trying to work more and do side stuff to pay for it. We have cut back but I think we need to cut back more. I do know this year come hell or high water we are having a big garden. Me and the kids will be out there tending it everyday and I will can what I harvest to save some money. Plus I think it is good for the kids to learn how to do this . Some things everyone should know how to do. I would love to get some fruits trees. my mom has peach trees and I canned some of them one year they made the best cobbler. Plus I enjoy gardening and the exercise will do everyone good. I think I have a bit of spring fever from having nice weather over the weekend or I have a little more energy from taking extra iron and B12.
Over the weekend I got some great pictures of nicolle she is such a good model for me. She enjoys seeing what i can do with the pictures when they are photoshoped. I plan to work on them for a while so that has my quilting on the back burner. I go from one hobby to another for a few months. Im hoping to get the new photoshop 11 for my birthday.
weight has came to a stand still I know I need to throw some exercise to the mix. It really is not something I think about until I get to work. It's like Im not fully awake until 1:00 thats when I have the energy to want to do something. Right now my band is tight it did not like the crab cakes I guess I didnt chew them well enough. but I have some soup at work I may eat latter if it continues or yogurt.
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    Food prices have soared in the last year. Even with couponing like I do the totals keep climbing while the contents of my shopping cart keep shrinking.

    We will have a garden this year. We tried last year but with everything going on getting settled here and the house still being under construction we just didn't get it going well enough, soon enough, to make it productive. We tilled up about 1000 sq feet of space for it. I'm reading up and trying to plan right now as to what to plant and where. I have all the supplies here to can as well, and enough jars to put up about 6 dozen jars of various stuff so hopefully this year will be more successful.

    We have cut back as well. We have little debt as well, about 160,000 including the house, and by the end of the year we will be able to knock out just about all of it except the mortgage. We've only had the house for a year but I rounded our payment up to the nearest 50, which added 27 dollars to the principal, and send an additional 25.00 payment mid month, which will shave off more than 12K in interest and a year and a half of payments off the back end of the note. I downgraded our direcTV package. I'd eliminate it completely but I use some stations like Nat Geo, History, Discovery etc. for homeschool. We burn our trash which saves us 55.00/month in pickup services. We are fortunate to have our own well on property so we don't have a water bill. We also use our cell phones as a mobile wi-fi hot spot for internet around the house, so we don't have an additional internet bill either. I'm able to use 2 computers, the playstation or wii for netflix, and a tablet off my cell phone, and I have unlimited data plan so I don't have to worry about usage.

    Homeschooling actually saves us considerable money as well. I don't have to buy tons of extra clothes, school supplies my kids will never use, etc. and I scour garage sales, craigslist, ebay etc for my curriculum. You'd be amazed how much you can find for just a couple dollars on that front..

    We only drive one car between us. I'm home everyday and take him to the base if I need the car for something that day.

    I'm selling random stuff I have lying around the house on ebay. Outgrown clothes, books I've read, dvds we never watch, etc. It brings in a couple hundred bucks a month and its less crap I have to clean/dust/pick up, etc.

    I also started shopping at thrift stores and good will much more. My daughter wears Abercrombie, American Eagle, Justice etc clothing that was all purchased at Goodwill for 3-5.00 each. I took her there on her birthday to go shopping and she walked out with 6 bags FULL of name brand clothes for under 100 dollars. Go on half price day and you'll be even better off.

    I stockpile non-perishable items as much as possible when I can use coupons to get them for free or pennies. I've got 2-4 years supply on hand of personal hygiene products (toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap/body wash, razors, shampoo etc), and the same for dish soap, laundry detergent, paper towels, etc. I havent bought laundry detergent in over 18 months and I've still got more than 2 years worth on hand. Not having that stuff added into your monthly budget saves a TON.

    Cut back eating out. With a family of 6 even a fast food trip is expensive. Pinterest and cookbooks have become my favorite places for new dishes. I have a menu board and plan meals for the whole month, and shop according to what I need. (See my sparkpage and blog post for info on that)

    We are in for a long and bumpy ride over the next few years, and I fear it will get alot worse before it gets better, because we have way too many people in Washington that are oblivious to reality. Being as self sufficient as possible is going to make the difference between people who survive vs people who thrive during this.

    Good luck!
    1979 days ago
    Time for us AMericans to hunker down and go back to the basics of taking care of ourselves, like our foremothers did. You have some good plans and I know you can do it.
    1980 days ago
    When you get through will remember it as a time of family struggle and bonding and pride. You will survive. Keep Sparkin'!!!
    1980 days ago
    I agree tough times are coming. I have four kids with the oldest a senior in high school and college costs looming. It scares the "stuff" right out of me. I'm told that even IF she would get financial aid, big IF, we would still be expected to take out a parent loan. We don't really have "any extra" right now. We don't eat out, we don't go out and we only spend what is necessary, but with four kids in the house, three being teenagers and the other is 12, things are tight.

    My youngest always has a garden and I think that we will try to expand on it this year. Unfortunately, we don't have a great spot or very good soil, but we'll do what we can to improve that!

    I guess "tightening the belt" isn't always "good." emoticon Well, I guess if I have to eat less to feed the kids, that will help with my maintenance! emoticon

    Hang in there!
    1980 days ago
  • ANSIN2011
    Hard times are definitely coming it seems like.. not the best way to start the New Year for sure. Good idea about the garden, I'll talk to my husband and maybe we can do that too. Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck!
    1980 days ago
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