Finally Back To Doing Some Exercise!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It felt so great to get on the treadmill today. I've been given the go ahead to do walking intervals and even run a little unless my elbow bothers me then I have to stop. I have been waiting to hear those words since August. My arm muscles are sore but my elbow is feeling fine. Now to work towards being able to get back into my strength training. I've been warned that will have to be taken slow as it can take a long time for the tendon to re-attach if it does.
But in 4 days I've dropped 3 lbs. The main change being food.

Eating lots of veggies especially more raw than I'm use to - those 2 salads a day are hard as I'm not big on it but I'm working at it. Having fruit in the morning is really big for me. I've struggled to eat in the mornings period but I've been good at getting a bowl of melon and a banana in as breakfast. Dinners have become a compromise. Right now we agreed to every other day being a meatless meal. Thankfully my family is agreeing that we all need to open up and try different things - artichokes are on the grocery list for this week. Have no idea what to do with them, but I'll find a recipe. Water is all I drink during the day though I have still be having 1 cup of coffee first thing in the morning. I'm going to try switching that to green tea.

The biggest problem I have had is fighting off the kids for the fruits and my son especially from the lettuce, he has lettuce only salads (with a yogurt dressing he loves) as snacks especially after school. So far no one is complaining about the lack of snack crap.

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