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90% Diet, 10% Exercise?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Listened to one of my favorite podcasts today - The Brian and Jill Show - which is typically a lighthearted funny show having nothing to do with diet or nutrition. But today they had on a nutritionist and one of her comments was that Weight Loss is "90% What you Eat" and "10% Exercise", whereas Maintenance is "50% Food and 50% Exercise".

I am not sure what I think about that 90/10 statement. I know that it is probably true for me, because the exercise portion of Spark hasn't really kicked in for me. I AM more active...I do something at home for 10-15 minutes 2x per week, and walk more overall, with a long 'exercise' walk usually once a week. But I've been diligent about calories, and I have been losing fairly steadily.

Lately I've notice people blogging about their success or disappointment with certain diet programs like South Beach or stringent nutritional restrictions like no carbs or no processed foods. Those types of things won't work for me. I've tried a few in the past, never stuck with it. It's silly to me something so basic as counting calories is bringing on the best, most satisfying weight loss ever, but there ya go. I feel like slapping my forehead and exclaiming "DOH!" Homer style.

But, I truly believe a huge success factor is the social support here at Spark. I've NEVER done any group stuff. Even at Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem. It was too personal. Too Embarrassing. The Pseudo-Anonymity of being able to vent, share, congratulate, encourage...that's really kept the enthusiasm going.

So I guess my percentage would actually be 60% Diet, 35% SparkFriend and 5% Exercise! Thanks Spark Friends!

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    I have tried it all as well, and this seems to be what I can stick with! So blessed to have found Spark People and to share the journey with people like you!

    (btw, I somehow got unsubscribed from your blogs without realizing it, so I am catching up!)
    1915 days ago
    I'm with 4AHEALTHYBMI and TINAJANE: maintenance for me is all about calorie tracking. Love exercise . . . for cardio fitness, toning, strength, appearance etc etc. But it doesn't do a lot for weight loss OR maintenance in my experience.
    1924 days ago
    I really like my Spark community a lot. I have been successful on South Beach and Atkins. Eliminating carbs really does work, but it is not a lifestyle I could embrace forever, and that is why I recommend using the Spark eating plan. If it weren't for all these celebrations, I would be eating significantly less carbs though. I do believe it helps to say no to sandwiches, white rice, pasta, and all things floury or sugary. I only say no to MINDLESS consumption of these things. It's better for me at least to portion control carefully these kinds of foods. When I overindulge these days, I back it up with extra water. I think it helps!
    1924 days ago
    I have to say I agree with TINAJANE76, in that maintenance is also 90% fork drops and table push-backs. (i.e. diet, not exercise)

    How the rest of what's left of me looks and moves and kayaks depends on the exercise. And it helps how I feel.

    But my overall size and % body fat? That's what I eat. (or don't eat)

    1924 days ago
    Will have to see if I can figure out how to access that Brian and Jill podcast. I can always use a little lighthearted banter. Keeping my mood elevated helps me in all areas of life. When Mamma's happy, every body's happy!
    I would agree with your division on the credit for weight loss. I think exercise is great, don't get me wrong, but you really need to work hard to burn off a bag of chips. It's much easier just to not eat them. And I am amazed at what an important part the support of spark friends plays. It makes a huge difference.
    1924 days ago
    I so agree with you. I love SO so much, and I have learned so much from the articles and other people. Reading that I motivate people keeps me motivated to keep motivating. Giggle.

    Counting calories and portion control is so the key to this weight loss thing. I love that I can eat pretty much whatever I want in moderation and still lose weight in a healthful manner. It feels great.

    1924 days ago
    I'd definitely agree with the 90/10 split for weight loss, but I'd also say it applies to maintenance. I exercise because I think it makes me look and feel better, but like my weight loss, my maintenance largely comes down to what I eat. Being active on SparkPeople is definitely a huge help too!
    1924 days ago
    Rosie - It sounds like you're doing great! emoticon
    1924 days ago
    It is 80-90% diet. The thing is, it doesn't mean get real strict about food choices, it means establishing and hitting your calorie goals consistently.
    1924 days ago
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