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SweetLeaf brand sweetener

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wondering if anyone has tried this particular brand of stevia:


I saw it at the grocery yesterday and bought the only box they had on the shelf. All it has in it is Inulin soluble fiber, and USDA certified organic SweetLeaf Stevia Extract. No maltodextrin. It uses a water filtration system for extraction, no chemicals. It's kosher, has no calories, no carbs, a glycemic index of 0, and is non-GMO-verified. You can use it in cooking and baking

I have never heard of inulin before, but it sounds pretty magical too:


It's found naturally in a number of plants, notably chicory, garlic, agave, and leeks (probably not coincidentally, those are all highly thought of as "diet" foods). Apparently it's an alternate storage form of sugar for the plants, as opposed to starch, which is how most plants store sugar. It's considered a soluble fiber in the human body. We don't have an enzyme to digest it, so it passes through most of the digestive tract unchanged. It's only in the colon that bacteria metabolize it, therefore it can cause flatulence if introduced too quickly and it may be problematic if you already have IBS.

The taste is not bad - and no aftertaste that I could detect.

It's also considered a "pre-biotic", meaning that it actually feeds your good bacteria. !!!

I'd like to know if anyone else has tried this. I use a packet of Splenda per day for coffee and think it might still keep my insulin levels a bit high. I want to replace it but sugar alcohols are no better for me. Plus, eating more than a tiny bit of them makes me gassy - sorry for TMI!

I'll let you know how this works out in a future blog.

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    How did this work out for you? I've been using Truvia, but it has an aftertaste. I make do with it, but I'd be happy to switch if this is better.
    1935 days ago
    Be careful! One packet of Sweetleaf = 2 teaspoons of sugar!!!
    1961 days ago
    So I tried this sweet leaft stuff as I saw it at the store. It does have a tiny bit of an after taste. I still use it, but I would never use a whole packet in my morning coffee. Just too much aftertaste for me. I use about a third of it and it adds a hint of sweetness without the aftertaste.

    1961 days ago
    I bought stevia packets for Mom who is diabetic. Can't remember the brand but they were at Aldi's. It looks like white sugar. But I remember a few years ago, my mother-in-law gave a spice jar of pure stevia (probably what TDOYLE85 shared) and it had a greenish appearance as I recall. Tasted OK, but did leave a bit of an aftertaste.

    I only tried a couple packets but didn't seem to have any issues. I usually try to use raw, organic sugar or raw honey as a sweetener. Thanks for the info!
    1977 days ago
    I'll let you know later on tonight what I found.... it's some sort of stevia with coconut oil in it.... the packing says those are THE only two ingrediants in it and I LOVE it so far. I'm wondering why I have been using artificial sweetner now for so long when it has a horrid after taste!
    1977 days ago
  • ALLISON145
    I've used the little green packets and love them! They aren't quite as sweet as the pink packets I've always liked though, so sometimes I double up.
    1979 days ago
    I like it so far, no gas problems as of yet! emoticon
    1980 days ago
    I use the SweetLeaf brand liquid drops in morning coffee and the occasional iced tea. The non-flavored has never given off an aftertaste.
    Once upon a time I tried a vanilla flavored (same brand) and while it smelled nice, it tasted awful!
    1980 days ago
    Inulin gives me horrid gas pains... I used to have a fiber supplement that had inulin and had to throw it in the trash, just couldn't do it - even in small amounts..

    I hope it works for you... Let us know!
    1980 days ago
  • TDOYLE85
    I have not tried it. I order a Stevia from the internet that is just Stevia Extract. It comes in what looks like a spice jar. The brand is KAL Pure Stevia. It comes with a tiny little scoop inside and I use it for tea and coffee mostly. I like that it doesn't contain Maltodextrin. It is really strong and no aftertaste whatsoever. I would be interested to try it though if it is just fiber and stevia. My little jar has lasted me almost 7 months and I have about 1 month left probably. My husband and kids use it too for their hot teas. I will look for this sweetleaf at the grocery store. It would be nice to have something that I don't have to order from Amazon.
    1981 days ago
    That sounds pretty healthy.... I'll be on the lookout for it!
    1981 days ago
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