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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I know I have not been so good lately, but I've started to lose my desire to "be good". I still want to be healthy, but I want to eat fries and ice cream. I want to take a day off from exercise every once in a while. This works well for me when I want to maintain. I've been pretty much maintaining since just after Thanksgiving. When I first stepped up my exercise, I started to feel like I was losing a little, but it hasn't continued. I'm not unhappy with my current weight. Ideally I want to lose at least 10 pounds so I'll be within the healthy range of BMI, but it's not happening with what I'm currently doing. What I probably should do is buckle down and really try until I get the weight down to that point and then focus on maintenance.

There was an image that I had posted a while ago as a motivation image, the one in the blue bikini. It was from when I weighed about 150 pounds. I was looking at that and thinking I really don't look all that different now, so I tried putting the two images side by side. Even though I weigh nearly 170 pounds now, I look almost as good. I figure it's because I've been working out. So that makes me really start to wonder why I need to lose more. As soon as I get into a healthy range, I think I'm going to stop being so strict, but in the meantime how can I make those last few pounds come off?

Here's the picture I was talking about:
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    You look rocking!
    1958 days ago
    You look GREAT now, but I totally understand that there's always a wish to do just a bit more. And some people will tell you to stop and just love yourself the way you are...but I think there's something really motivating and awesome about always finding ways to make yourself better, faster, or smarter. You can still be happy with yourself today and want to be better tomorrow.

    So anyway, after looking at your food tracker (we eat the same meatloaf! it's awesome!), I think it might be worth it to consider really changing up the way you get your calories and maybe even stepping them up 100 cals a day or so. I've actually lost more and beaten plateaus in the past by eating more if I'm exercising everyday. You might also try shaking up your routine for a week with something new - like eating a MUCH bigger breakfast, and then having lunch or dinner be smaller meals. Sometimes you just have to shock your body a little bit to get it to start responding. A big breakfast is hard for me, but when I do it, I usually see changes in the scale.

    And if you drop the last few pounds, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing you CAN do it...then you can go back to this weight (which totally looks healthy on you from here) and feel more confident about it.
    1958 days ago
    You sound like you're at the burn out stage of exercise. We started this year (and ended last year!) full of promises to work out a ton and eat healthy all the time. From your other blogs, you also seem to have a lot going on that may be stressing you out. If you're working out more hours per week than you'd like, scale back a bit so you have more time for other activities. And don't forget that you can always have ice cream or fries, just not a large portion and not every day.
    If you're just having motivation issues, remember how great you feel when you exercise regularly. Read some of your past blogs and remember how excited you were. I hope that will help give you that boost in motivation you need to keep pushing forward!
    1958 days ago
    If you are pleased with the way you look and feel healthy then maybe you do not NEED to lose more. Do you trust your scale, or your body?

    On the other hand if you find you still have some areas that are holding on to actual fat and still want to shed a few more pounds then you will have to keep working at it for longer.

    But really I have beeen stuck for a long time too. I just recently stepped up the the exercise though so I am trying to be patient and see if my body catches up to it. From everything I know about health, it is inevitable if I stick with it.
    For the record. I think you look fantstic!

    1958 days ago
    It sounds like you already know the answer to how to take those last few pounds off. I think it's okay to have the fries and ice cream every once in a while, as long as it's within your calorie range. I got dessert last night, but I made allowances for it within my calorie range.

    There seems to be some confusing as to whether you want to lose the "few extra pounds" or not. At one point you say you don't like the way you look, but in another part you say "I look almost as good" as when you were minus 20 lbs. Sounds like you need to decide what it is you want. Understand that as you age, it will be harder and harder to get the pounds off, as opposed to maintaining a certain weight. I will be praying for you during this time of decisions. Blessings!!
    1958 days ago
    Honestly, I think you look healthy! I think at 170 lbs. you look fantastic. You might want to reconsider your "idea" of an "ideal" weight!
    1958 days ago
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