RE: Bad Day Yesterday.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

RE: Bad day yesterday, i caught the 8.00am bus to go to Lincoln, as i was meant to have an appointment, for a medial assessment, i got to Lincoln at 9.30am & had a quick drink/bite to eat, & then i got to the place only to discover that my appointment, had been cancelled!!!!.

So that made me mad, as i had travelled 1 hour & 30 mins on the bus to get to this appointment, in the 1st place, & basically i hate travelling to Lincoln on the bus, as it is!!!! !!!!, cos i panic & it had been snowing, & i thought that i was gonna be stuck in Lincoln all day.

So i texted my Mum, to let her know what was going on, & she was fuming as she knows that i dont like going for this assessment, in the 1st place, so i went for a quick drink/bite to eat, also to have a rest b4 my next move planning to go home again.

Then i got the 12.00pm Bus back to Grantham, this got me back home at 1.30pm so it had taken me 1 hour & 30 mins on the bus to get back home, al2gether, that was 3 hours of PURE HELL, what you could call THE NIGHTMARE/JOURNEY FROM HELL!!!! !!!!, i hated it completely.
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