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Day 15 and I have a surprise for you

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Here is the link to yesterday's results for everyone on the 30 Day Challenge and everyone is doing so well so far.


You will also find a reworked brownie recipe, flour-less and sugar -less.

I am still off coffee! Headaches are diminishing by the day, but by day end there is a dull ache that is rather annoying! Considering at one point I was drinking up to 10 cups of espresso in a day it is not surprising that it is taking so long to clear out of my system.

So we made it to day 14! Now what?

I have a surprise for you!
This applies to day 14 - day 30 and you can use this ONCE!!!
ONCE ONLY LADIES, if you choose to. It is kinda like a "get out of jail" card.
For those of you taking the challenge seriously ( and seeing amazing results, I might add) you will love this!

I realise that once you get to eliminating a few things on the elimination sometimes get something that is dairy and wheat free, but has a little sugar, or it is sugar and grain free but has dairy, or it has wheat but no dairy or get the idea?
NO STRESS........this "get out of jail " card will help you out there.....


You go to a friend for dinner and they are serving ALL the things on your list you can't eat! What to do, are you going to stress? NO, you are going to make the best choices you can and use your "get out of jail " card.

This is how it works:
To use your get out of jail card, you have to do this:

1. eat a salad with vinaigrette dressing first. ( small)
2. Eat your protein and vegetables
3. Eat whatever you want....yes WHATEVER.......
4. Abide by the "once my butt leaves the seat the meal is OVER" rule. NO going back for seconds!
5. report back

That is it, simple and easy and then you have used up your one time , let me say that again , ONE TIME, EAT WHATEVER, get out of jail card!

You know you may be surprised at what you choose to eat. Before you may have wanted a piece of cake, but now all you want is a PIECE OF TOAST!!! or a slice of cheese!
Notice how your taste buds have changed and report back to me!
How does that sound to you? You may want to save that up for when you are really in a quandary as to what to eat, or you are at the end of the month and the budget is short....or if you are invited out to dinner, or there is a special occasion.


For those of you on the challenge I want you to think about something, some of you have reported in saying...." I stuck to not eating white carbs, except for eating such and such..."
now look at that carefully, did you stick to it, or didn't you?
If there is and "except for" in your thinking I want to encourage you towards avoiding that in the next 14 days. Tighten up your micro amounts of things creeping in JUST for the next 14 days.

I will be doing it too, don't worry, so let's tighten up our standards and it will pay off.

I am going to blog about it in more detail and post the link tomorrow, but in the meanwhile, there you go!

PLEASE REPORT DAY 15 here, thanks! If there is someone on the challenge that we have not heard from in a while, please pop by and encourage them.

Kristin is sick and Goanna wasn't feeling well either.

Here again are the list of participants:

Kristin - Detroit, U.S.A. She is going to curb: White processed carbs - white sugar/white flour.
Sheila - Cape Town, South Africa. She is going to fight the urge to eat: Hard Cow's Milk cheeses.
Crystal from Regina, SK, Canada and she is going to start with curbing the coffee habit.
Elisabeth from San Carlos, Mexico says she is going to cut out white carbs (potatoes and rice) and coffee.
I will be in on it too: Melony Teague will be cutting Sugar, dairy, wheat, alcohol and soft drinks.Two cups of coffee a day, down from about 10 cups. after a week cut out coffee altogether.
Anna from Australia is going to be starting with white carbs.
Karie-Ann from Elmira, Canada wants to give up alcohol, pop and coffee.
Bonnie from Toronto, Canada is going to to cut out alcohol and dairy. She has added coffee to her list.
Betty from Vancouver Island is going to start with sugar, white carbs and alcohol.
Gail in Ottawa, CA - her challenge is as follows: first sugar (then wheat, then dairy)
Cheryl, Toronto, CA - Alcohol and to cut down on coffee and minimize sugar.
Mallory from Toronto is replacing White Carbs, with a view to cutting back on sugar.
Sue from Nottingham UK is replacing sugar.
Nina in Oregon: Joining the goal by ditching sugar and flour - the white stuff.
Glenda from Stouffville, ON, Canada is going to replace coffee and wheat.
Sue from Toronto, ON, Canada is replacing coffee.
Jan from Pennsdale, PA, U.S.A. is replacing white carbs.

If you have added anything to the list that is not there, let me know!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LIS193
    Day 15: all goals met emoticon
    Slight headache from missing my afternoon pot of tea, dealing with hormones too - oh fun :(
    1984 days ago
    Getting out of jail-card sounds good and yes, a little scary.
    But I will find the perfect time to use it I'm sure.
    Still doing well on my quest. Too much work and feeling stressed. Need to focus on getting out on my daily walks. Made a sugar-free, protein cookie but need to work on the crumbly texture. It fell apart completely and became treats for the chickens instead!
    They are very happy hens... emoticon
    1984 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Great participation in this!
    1984 days ago
  • SHEILA1505
    OK so I have a free pass for Son-in-Law's birthday at the end of the month if they have a BBQ (he's a butcher, so it's always great!)

    I will definitely continue with eliminating hard yellow cheese, stay grain free and keep carbs within my limits, especially being added-sugars-free, but what can I add? I only have one coffee a day, unless I visit a friend - maybe I should drink Green Tea then as she does? I'll also take a couple of measurements and give some serious thought to the next restriction / elimination

    Thanks for this accountability, encouragement and challenge - Everyone!
    1985 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    10 cups a day, no wonder you're having trouble! I only drink one or two a day, and I had headaches for a couple weeks when I quit when I was pregnant. Good for you!
    1985 days ago
    Deal. 14 days sounds easy peasy (well, easier at any rate). I am the baddy for adding I'm sticking to it except for.... thanks for the reminder - no exceptions when I can control it.

    Coffee - none today - this has become really easy for me, even the "fancy" coffees aren't arousing my interest.
    Caffeinated tea: 1 very large one (made with only one tea bag though). On that note.... If I'm using one tea bag to make 1 cup or 2 cups (at the same time e.g. in the cup vs in a 2 cup tea pot) .... is the amount of "tea" itself I'm drinking the same or different - or am I only getting more water? Thoughts on this? Am I missing the obvious? It's been known to happen. I brew my tea strong so an earl grey bag can sit in my single cup the for 5 minutes of steep time and then the entire time I'm drinking it too, or I'll do the same thing in my tea pot - 1 bag, more water and steep until I'm done.

    We'll see how the rest goes today. My mantra - no white carbs, no white carbs, no white carbs.... :)

    Good luck with the headaches by the way! CJ

    1985 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/15/2013 11:14:19 AM
  • LIS193
    Well done with the no coffee! How are the headaches?
    We are going to El Colorado on Friday. No kayaking this time - it's been too cold for me :) The food is always fabulous but not on plan, normally good for a pound... I'm going to need that "get out of jail free card". DH has been very supportive and we haven't eaten out at all since Jan 1st but this is a special treat.
    1985 days ago
    As you know, Mel, I'm not in this challenge (yet!) but the "Get Out of Jail Free" card is a brilliant concept. If you haven't already patented it, you should, lol...
    1985 days ago
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