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Taking rough weeks a day at a time!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This week is another one of those weeks where I'll be on the road -- A LOT!!

Monday I was in Chicago. Tonight, I'm driving to Spencer to get checked in for the Watershed Academy's first field session. And I won't be home until Thursday night. I checked out the rooms, they're barebones (no microwave, no fridge), so aside from bringing a small cooker with hummus, veggies, cottage cheese, and yogurt (which might not all be possible, my cooler is REALLY small!) I will pretty much have to eat what they served...most likely, lots of carbs and sugar.

So on Sunday, I was NOT HAPPY!! I had made great progress in the first two weeks of 2013, and I didn't want to revert back to bad habits.

I finally decided to just take it one day at a time, one MEAL at a time, and just make the best choices I could. No other way to get through it! You can't have a plan or bring your own every time!

Yesterday wasn't bad. Instead of just assuming I would go over and eating what I want, I grabbed a vegan sandwich (hummus and veggies on vegan bread) and skipped the chips and cookies and sodas. I got a call from my boss, on the way back from Chicago, so I knew I had to go straight to the office when I got I picked up Chinese (by then, it was after 6:30 and I was STARVING and unprepared), ate half and boxed up the rest. All in all, I squeaked in at 1519 cals, still within my goals for the day.

I've got the cooler out, and I will be stocking with healthier items that will give me the most "bang" -- more protein, more filling, etc. And I will be bringing my laptop and the Zumba Exhilarate program, so that I can get in a workout tomorrow. We also have a rugged hike planned, so I'm bringing warm layers, gloves, hat, scarf, wool socks, and my heavy duty Wolverine hiking boots. And planning to burn some extra cals hiking in all that!!!

I just need to keep it in the back of my mind, instead of mindlessly eating what everyone else does. Skip dessert. Just take one serving/spoonful -- if you're still hungry, go back for more veggies or an apple. Don't fill your plate, and don't feel like you have to finish.

There have been lots of weeks like this one (April is usually a MONTH like this!) and I've always regained some weight. NOT THIS TIME!! I don't care if I lose a single pound this week, but I am NOT going to gain just because I think the day is blown or because laziness gets the better of me! I will not hit a drive-thru...I will eat purposefully...and I will EXERCISE!!
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