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How often to weigh?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

I have always weighed daily when trying to lose weight. First thing in the morning, after my shower and getting dressed. Yes, I know that adds a couple of pounds. Fact is, I get some psychological satisfaction from knowing the "real" number is lower than what the scale says. Besides, the scale is in my bedroom and there are usually 1-4 boys in there with me in the morning so in the buff wouldn't really work...

Digression! Anyway, so I have always weighed in daily. But though the "official" weigh in was the morning, I would find myself stepping on the scale multiple times a day. I don't like that. Also, when I start to slide I would find reasons not to bother -- can't find the scale (seriously, it ends up deep under the bed or in the back of the closet at least twice a week), need to use the bathroom, etc. And then days stretch to weeks to months and suddenly I am gaining weight again.

I'm not blaming that on my daily weigh-in, but the daily weigh-in sure isn't preventing anything. And the daily fluctuations due to drinking, breastfeeding, menstruation, bathroom habits can be significant, so looking only day to day doesn't necessarily show a pattern anyway.

This time around I am trying to keep to a weekly weigh in. I feel like once a week should be enough to give me the feedback I need on whether what I am doing is working (particularly since I am not counting calories). Then I find myself stepping back on in the evening after weigh-in just to see if the morning's weight was "accurate" -- i.e., could I have just been dehydrated? Did I put on 8 lbs during the day indicating that the weigh in # should have been higher? Then again the next morning for the same reason.

I worry that it becomes an obsession. I plan to weigh in Monday morning and then put the scale away until the next week. (That should also help prevent scale "accidents" -- my kids must have broken at least 2 scales by jumping off the bed onto them or trying to carry them from room to room and dropping them.)

What do you do?
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    I weigh myself every day. Well, occasionally there are days that I don't, but they are rare. I find that, one way or another, I am encouraged. If I went down any weight, then I am excited to keep losing. If I stayed the same or went up, then it motivates me to try harder that day. In the beginning, I was a little more prone to being upset when I went up weight, but now I have a pretty good handle on what's going on when I go up (big meal, haven't gone to the bathroom, too much sodium, time of the month, etc.), and I am usually expecting it when I see a higher number.

    I, however, don't weigh other than first thing in the morning, undressed. I think that might stress me out. :)
    1947 days ago
    I too have an obsession with the scale but only note my weight every sunday morning after any bowel movements and completely naked so I know my exact true weight. I weigh myself every single morning but I just started this journey and so far have eaten within my range if not under the lower part of it and I like to see the number slowly going down throughout the week. I also weigh at night cuz I've now realized my weight completely naked at night will be about 2 to 2.5 lbs lighter in the morning so it kinda gives me a heads up of what I'm gonna see in the morning. I think once I'm not so heavy and once the numbers aren't so big for my weekly weigh ins my obsession will also not be as bad. I think as we chug along on this journey needing to see the numbers every day is something we all do. Have you thought about at least writing down what you ate throughout the day even if you're not calorie counting? It might give you some idea if or when there's a gain of why as you're thinking back. Good luck on your journey!
    1951 days ago
    1951 days ago
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