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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hello all...

Well, I read a blog today about scales and thought I'd share. This is difficult for me to write because of course it is about (the whole reason we're here..) the sensitive subject of WEIGHT GAIN!

I have a scale that has always differed with the doctors office scale by usually about 8 pounds. WELL, the doctor (mine anyway) has always used the scale with that slidey thingy majigy..u know what I mean..the slider of doom. Well, it always comes out higher but I laugh it off and say "no way that's right.." and the occasional nurse or medical assistant will laugh with me and say "oh, just go by your home scale, that's what u use most often". So, for all these years, I have. Never thinking of the 8 or so pound diff.

Well, last year, I got a bit of a wake up call. Now, I've been losing but I weighed in on the scale at , I believe, 219 or so and the MD told me I am morbidly obese and she is worried about me. At first I thought "Oh, she doesn't know about the eight pounds", and then I started to cry cuz the words stung. I got over it and listened to her advice and kept on losing slowly. (Medications I'm on prevent rapid weight loss..I lose very slowly). SO, life goes on, things happen, holidays come, eating goes south, exercise joins it...

Time for my monthly check up. I knew I had gained a few. My last weight at the end of Dec. (on my home scale) was 215. Lovely number considering when I first started trying to lose weight I weighed 252 lbs. Now, bear in mind that I DID weigh that and I HAVE lost weight, the exact amount is the point of the blog..Lol. SO, I thought I'll just step on before I go and see what home says...216. Oh,not bad at all..I leave with a smile.

I get to the docs office and the medical asst. brings me in and tells me to step on the scale. I';m like "where's the slidey thing?" Oh no! They did away with it and got tall, stand up, digital, calibrated, accurate to the ounce scales! What is this madness! Yikes! Ok, Courtney, breathe! Think of the 8 pounds...So I stepped on and I weighed 223.6. I was crushed. Suddenly there was no 8 pounds. It was a myth. For all those was just a comforting myth. WOW, was all I could muster. The medical asst. (who I had known for awhile..she's the one who usually sees me) says "it's ok, they're new but they're accurate. You didn't gain much..about 2 pounds." That's right! Since my last visit with the MD, I had only gained 2 pounds! But the two pounds was THEIR two pounds, not mine. According to mine, I gained 7 .6 pounds!

I guess I have no choice now but to start over. Yep,my friends. I'm coming out and starting over. I weigh 223.6. I have to buy a new scale in order to weigh in from now on. It feels refreshing to know what I that weird? It's kind of enlightening? AM I crazy? No more "8 pound" myths...It's me, here I am...all 223.6 pounds of me!

SO, in short, who knew what I weighed when I started SP back in July? Who knew what I weighed at my lowest? Who knew all along? I never lied, I never tried to cover up...please don't think that. I went by a scale that tried to "protect me"..Lol. That scale is now up for sale..Any takers? Batteries included....


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  • FRIDA11
    You ALWAYS weigh more in the afternoon and evening than in the morning before breakfeast and without clothes.
    Remember - . My last weight at the end of Dec. (on my home scale) was 215. Lovely number considering when I first started trying to lose weight I weighed 252 lbs -

    You have lost weight...And much. What does your cloths say? Your belt?

    How are you courtney? Long time - no hear. Both Freida and I are wondering -
    I hope you are OK - and doing the best for you that is possible
    2743 days ago
    Scales lie. Can you zip your pants? There you go. Keep moving, slowly but surely. (((Hugs))) Cheri
    2883 days ago
  • LYNNA1968
    YOU are not a number, I know this is a day late and dollar short but I would still trust your home scale, Your Dr could have weighed you at a different time of the day, retaining water, I'm not saying to ignore the numbers but don't let them bring you to tears you are a wonderful person and you can't fix what's not acknowledged so make whatever adjustments you think are necessary. This is a new year, this is YOUR year. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2945 days ago
    courtney I know the frustration well with scale differences. I have a Weight Watchers scale at home that is digetal and tells me my BMI too. Now my pshy DR has added a digital once scale and I get weighed every time I goe! So it's a big dread to be weighed fully clothed and in my shoes. I always figure 2lbs for the clothes and shoes so it isn't to bad of a difference. Just keep up the good work you've been doing and you will succeed! I believe in you! Lucinda
    2953 days ago
    I have the same kind of problem and I still believe my home scale. emoticon
    2959 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5707126
    I have 2 sets of scales the one in the closet most closely fits the DR. scale. The one I use is in the bathroom and fits my emotional needs! emoticon
    2960 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    Hi Courtney,

    I went through a similar thing with scales and I decided to go back to Weight Watchers. It keeps me from climbing on the scales over and over during the week and I know that I am weighing on scales that are officially calibrated and are always correct. It takes all of that off my mind. I have three docs who weigh me faithfully and once, I went from one appointment to the next and even made sure I didn't drink anything--I weighed a total of 23 pounds different between the three of them.

    I know it costs money to belong to WW, but I have decided its money well spent. I have someone who is holding me accountable.

    There are similar groups that cost less like TOPS and so on, you might want to check into them.

    Gentle hugs,
    2961 days ago
    I'm with you on the scale sale. Keep smiling and keep on being the sweet person you are. You are more than the scale.

    Of course there is a need to know where you stand weight-wise. Like other sparkers here, I too use the reasoning that while on their scale I have clothes and shoes on and have had 4-5 glasses of water and have eaten before I got there. Plus being anxious about the upcoming weigh-in may cause some retention overnight.
    2962 days ago
    My scale at home broke but I didn't know it was broken and I thought I was losing a lot of weight. Then I bought a new scale and I was about 15 pounds more than I thought. It sucked but I just pushed reset and kept at it. Good luck my friend.
    2963 days ago
    I can totally understand the frustration behind this, but I'm proud of you for accepting the new number, and continuing on with your weight loss journey! emoticon
    2964 days ago
  • LARISSA238
    *hugs* Remember that your weight fluctuates during the day depending on what you eat and drink, and that when you weigh at the doctor you are wearing clothes and shoes that count too.

    I always go by my doctors scale to see if I'm losing.. I know theirs is more accurate, but I use the one at home between to see how I'm doing.
    2964 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11172095
    Courtney, those are the scales from alien planets, those Dr scales! I weighed this morning at home weighing less than last week. But-that was this morning-I weigh-in at night(5:30), and haven't been on the scale tonight, so I'm hopeful! Maybe we should have a scale sale instead of a yard sale? mine's up for sale with new batteries included, to give an edge!

    2964 days ago
    2964 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4630076
    Aw, Courtney!!! :( Thats hard!!! But you are such a trooper!!!!!
    You recognize your emotions, yet you face reality too and muster up a courage that surpasses the feat! You can do this girl. We're in this together! :) We're gonna make our doctors super impressed when we glow with our healthy bodies... AND we're gonna make those scale numbers drop silly!!! :D
    2965 days ago
    AAAARRRGGGHH! to scales!!! I'm beginning to think it is almost impossible to find one that's accurate!! We had one of those slide bar dr. scales for awhile--what a joke! I think mine is fairly accurate although I have been known to gain/lose 5 pounds in a day!! I also hate weighing at the doctor's--I'm fully clothed!! They have me take off my shoes--big deal!!! I do not weigh myself fully clothed at home. However, it is what it is. You know what you way and I do understand how good that feels to have an accurate number. Now, you have a starting point--although the number hasn't changed anything. You still weigh what you weighed before; the number has changed but not you!! You have lost weight. YAY!!!! You know you lose slowly and you know how you've been successful in the past. It's all good!!! Keep up the good work!!
    2965 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4382497
    emoticon my story, went through the same with the scales.

    Hope all goes well for you.

    Much luck towards your goals. emoticon
    2965 days ago
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