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Chocolate + P90X2 = not good

Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm watching the biggest loser. Thought I'd mention that lol. ANYWAYS. Today is my birthday and as most people know, not a great day for a diet. I've been very good since I began the program and have been counting calories for the most part but also just eating very clean and good. I could feel and see my shape getting better. Last night my fiance and I went to a movie and then to Fridays. I have been doing cardio in the morning and a dvd of P90X2 at night, and did that yesterday. I knew we wanted to go out to start celebrating so I tried to have most of my days food be mostly protein. Dinner was turkey breast with carrots (from the crockpot. AMAZING btw. 10$ for a boneless breast at walmart, threw it in with an 88 cent bag of baby carrots and four russet potatoes. Almost four to five meals for us. Not bad for 11 dollars and very healthy). So we had some small appetizers and dessert. Today my lunch was steak and vegetables with salad and dinner was where it veered off lol. I try to remind myself that it is my birthday and it is very hard to be perfect but I was just telling my best friend how the guilt still eats me up. I did my cardio this morning and when I got home tonight I was extremely tired and kind of depressed. I swear the dreary weather is KILLING me. I miss my boardwalk and my runs. For those who don't know where I am, I live in Jersey and my runs were from Spring Lake to Asbury Park on the boardwalk. Well Sandy took care of THAT. Anyway I chatted with my girlfriend tonight about the same "we hate our bodies" stuff. And my other friend texted me and said she was doing her P90X tonight and that she would be my cheerleader. All of this while I picked at a Whitman's Sampler box of chocolates my mom got me for my birthday. So heres what I did lol. Because we all have that night where we just want to watch our shows and don't want to work out and miss it. I set up p90x2 on my laptop on the floor in front of my TV, and watched the biggest loser while doing the dvd! And I have to say it made the time fly. I was having sound issues so I had planned to have it on low but I had to watch the movements to know what was coming next. But it really got me through it. I was able to watch the Biggest Loser and do my workout and it went fast. But heres the catch. The chocolate I ate was giving me heart palpitations from the caffeine and it really made me feel lousy. Will definitely think twice before I eat chocolate then workout lol.

I always say for me distraction is key when it comes to getting through a workout. Its why I download seasons of shows on my tablet, and why I have a smart phone to watch movies if I don't have my tablet. For me I can't just listen to music while running or on the elliptical. And my home machines are in front of a big tv with speakers. If you have trouble getting on that machine, take advantage of the great technology we have. Some of the cheaper tablets are only like 100$. If it will help you get going, use it. Sometimes its why I prefer cardio because I get so bored during strength! lol.

As for P90X2, I really love doing the different moves. I was getting into such a rut with my strength training. I just was doing the same stuff over and over. With these dvds I see a difference right away. I also feel it. My arms are tired just from typing! It also gave me an appreciation for yoga. I definitely will be trying a class. But I definitely feel like it takes a lot out of me and I have been trying to listen to my body and have skipped days where I felt I just couldn't do it, especially with my bad back. Not worth hurting it!

Have a great day!
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