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Monday, January 14, 2013

Well, they say bad things come in threes. I'm beginning to think that's true. Although I had great happy news with my wedding, we have had a serious (or two...) setback.

1. Our furbaby Spooky got sick, and after spending nearly $700 he's home from the hospital. He had bladder stones and a UTI. My poor baby must have been in serious pain.

2. My husband (I actually started typing fiance) is a teacher. His boss had a serious talk with him. They told him, basically, that he's being a harda$$ and is teaching at too high a level for the kind of students that come through where he works. They are giving him an unpaid day off tomorrow for him to "think if he really wants to continue working" there. And if things don't go up for him, he'll be losing his job in June...

3. Our tenant's boss died. We own two houses, one which we have been renting out. However, we may have to cut our losses and sell the house if my husband loses his job even though we we're (slightly) upside down in our mortgage there. But our tenant, who barely pays the rent on time, may also lose his job because his boss died.

Ick. I hate believing in old wives tales, but with the illnesses in my husband's family, and now this set of bad news I'm starting to believe in this one.

How does this affect our future plans?
We're not sure. If he loses his job, baby is going to be put on hold. On the upside, that will give me more time to get into shape and prepare (and set aside money?) for the baby.

If our cat gets sick again in the next 12 months (he was hospitalized just 6 months ago with the same problem), we may have to put him down because we cannot afford to pay for the surgery that MAY help (3K for a 90% chance of it never happening again). Of course, that's what they said about switching his food. That in 9/10 cases the food change prevents any more problems. I'd hat to think that we got 1/10 cat. We love him, but we just cannot continue spending $700 every 6 months.
While that's just under what I make a month, we have two mortgages (the rental only just covers that mortgage), in addition to normal bills. Plus, since I've been seeing a doctor about my health problems, we have those bills as well, and Christmas bills are just coming in (That's what we get for putting everything on credit cards).
I do have two things to hope for though. Last year, we were unmarried, so my income will generate a refund since I'm only a student worker. Also, if I've figured it right, because we bought our new house last year (in his name only) he should also get some money back from taxes. THAT money will be put straight into a baby fund.
So a little bit positive. And I'm hoping that ending on a positive note overrides the negatives that I had to rant about. Seriously, I understand that my life has been blessed. I have a roof over my head. I'm married to an awesome man. I come from a loving family. I have a job. I have insurance. There's more than enough food in my refrigerator. And, in general, I'm healthy now. And I can afford to get my masters. There's plenty in my life for me to be thankful for. Sometimes, I need to rant. But also, sometimes I need to stop and count my blessings.
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    I totally understand how you feel. The same thing happened when Andrew and I got married. The first year married was TOUGH, even though we have been living together for years beforehand. Sleeping on an air mattress for a year, living pay check to pay check and having to cut out essentials, wondering how I'm going to have gas money to get to X location, and hoping the car doesn't break down etc.

    It was horrible. Then one day I woke up in the morning and I was watching my husband sleeping peacefully, looking as handsome as ever. I got extra close to him and hugged him tightly (with a few tears of course lol) and he lets out a sleepy "I love you duppy (his nickname to me)." Then I realized how much we need one another, and that together we will get through it-- and for the most part, we have. That moment was just pure bliss, and reminded me why I'm doing all of this for. For us. I just tried to take it a day at a time after that.

    I just want to let you know you guys WILL get through this. Just trust in one another, and everything will work itself out. My hubby kind of has a similar situation going, though not as severe. Just ask your husband to please comply with what his boss wants, at least long enough until he finds a another job that he will be happier in. Sounds like it's not a good professional environment AT ALL for him.

    I'm sorry all this is happening to you. I'm sorry for your kitty-- I can't even imagine dealing with my baby puppy being sick with all that going on. Just follow your gut, and take it a day at a time. Like Cecismommy said, things will get better with time!
    1946 days ago
    WHEW head up things will get better with time!!! keep positive and good luck!
    1950 days ago
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